12 Crystals for Scorpio Season

Whether you or a friend  were born a Scorpio, or you happen to need a little support during Scorpio Season we have crystals for you!

12 Crystals  for Scorpio Season


Fixed Water Sign (October 23rd-November 21st)

In Western Tropical astrology Scorpio Season is when the Sun takes the annual tour through the Zodiac sign of Scorpio. The shift from Libra to Scorpio happens on October 23rd and is active all the way through to November 21st. If you were born during this period, then your Sun sign is most likely Scorpio! The fixed Water sign of Scorpio represents destruction and total transformation which are two sides of the same coin; the sign of Scorpio is ruled by Mars in traditional astrology and shares rulership with Pluto in modern day astrology. People born under this sign can succeed in many fields including medicine, pharmacy, psychology and financial and market analysis. Scorpios are generally very passionate and often possess a sharp strategic and intuitive edge. The astrological sign of Scorpio is known for being intuitive and mysterious and as deep as the darkest depths of the ocean.

Scorpio possesses the capacity for extreme and truly profound transformation, but they can also be intolerant of others. The fixed nature of Scorpio hinders their malleability and adaptive strength at times. Scorpios have strength of character and are highly intuitive like the other water signs. On a bad day this sign may vie for power and try to control others while being consumed by their own fears. Scorpios have a tendency to sting themselves as much as they sting others! Scorpios are power players that have naturally intense ambitions and will always keep some cards hidden up their sleeve to get the advantage; but if you can get a Scorpio to let down those walls and trust you, you will have an amazing friend you can count on.


The sign of Scorpio is represented by the Scorpion and is the Eighth House of the Zodiac. The eighth house is notoriously known as a “dark” house meaning it contains attributes that are not evident on the surface, sometimes not even to the native (the person born with Scorpio placements.) Like the Scorpion, this sign does not make impulsive action and is known to lie in wait for a very long time before springing their ambush and lashing with their stinging tail. Nothing is scarier than a Scorpio who knows they are cornered. The Eighth house signifies death, taxes, inheritance, accountability and is often associated with behavioral therapy for these reasons, and it is the ultimate accountability. Solid Scorpios who have faced their own shadows and lived to tell the tale make profoundly empathetic people and can be excellent therapists.

Halloween in the USA (or Samhain as the pagans know it) takes place during Scorpio season. This is a time when the metaphysical veils are very thin, and we can converse with ancestors who have since passed, and other spirits. Scorpios are known to have connections and possible interests that other people may consider morbid. Harold from the movie Harold and Maude is a very good example; he spends all of his time planning and staging fake suicide scenes for his poor mother to walk into and react to. Scorpios can be very different on the inside then they are on the outside once you get to know them. They can project a facade that is entirely different from who they are inside, much like putting on a costume at Halloween! This is often done as a power play or to ensure they do not have to commit to anything truly intimate. However, once Scorpio has done the work on themselves, they realize that the only reason they are avoiding intimacy is because Scorpio actually craves it above all else.


Below is a list of crystals and gemstones associated with the sign of Scorpio who is represented by the Scorpion. These can be monthly birthstones, crystals with relevant astrological ties, or simply related practical tools for the Zodiac sign of Scorpio to utilize.



Apache Tears Crystals for Scorpio

Obsidian is an amazing mineral for self-protection, though sometimes the insights you receive back are hard hitting and can knock you off of your balance! Apache Tear is a form of Obsidian that has been in a river or creek bed and is visibly eroded by its journey with water. This elemental exchange softens the energy of Obsidian so that it’s not so forceful. As Scorpio is also a water sign, this makes a lot of sense! Apache Tear is one of the best crystals for controlling Scorpio’s raw power urges so that they’re not so intense to experience and manage. Shop for Apache Tears crystals here...


Topaz Crystals for Scorpio

As the Fixed Water Sign, Scorpio’s natural tendency may be to bowl over the situation instead of listening and activating adaptive behaviors. This Fixed quality denotes a kind of deep-seated stubbornness that can affect the decision making process. Topaz is a gemstone that can be used to balance this natural tendency; use Topaz to pair the ambitious force that is Scorpio’s will with flexibility and the keen ability to be curious and listen to others. Use the glowing vitality of this stone to recharge and connect yourself with the highest force in the universe! Topaz can assist Scorpio in attracting beneficial people into their life. Shop for Topaz crystals here...


Malachite crystals for Scorpio

Malachite and Turquoise are known as the birthstones for Scorpio. Malachite is a glorious green mineral that is truly ruthless when it comes to reflecting back the challenges that are keeping Scorpio from attaining their highest self. This velvety-green stone is a heavy-lifter and can assist Scorpio in unlocking wisdom from both their subconscious and Highest self and sharing it with others. This mineral has an intensity to it, a magnetism that mirror’s Scorpio’s own intensity and raw power. Malachite can help Scorpio in the process of utter transformation. The ideal is to achieve being who they were always meant to be; a compassionate person who is capable of forgiving others shortcomings. Shop for Malachite here...

*Caution* This copper-based stone is toxic and working with the raw unpolished stone can be hazardous to your health. 



Moonstone crystals for Scorpio

Moonstone is an especially powerful crystal for water signs! As the Moon controls the tides, this makes a lot of sense. Moonstone is a great companion for helping Scorpio to feel their emotions in ways that will promote positive growth. At the fiery heart of Scorpio lies Mars, the god of passion and energy. With this core of fiery energy (even at the heart of a water sign) Moonstone soothes this fire and calms Scorpio and any tendency to overreact so that they may communicate more constructively. Moonstone promotes empathy, instills kindness and brings a certain intuitive tact to any situation. Shop for Moonstone crystals here...


Larimar crystals for Scorpio

Scorpio has a destructive nature and this tendency can often get turned in towards themselves. Larimar is a beautiful blue oceanic crystal that can help soften Scorpio’s raw edges and tough inclination for self-sabotage. The gentle and spiritual vibrations of Larimar can guide you onto a constructive path to real growth. Deep and profoundly meaningful, evolved Scorpios seem like they can dive into the divine source and surface with eternal wisdom to share. Larimar makes this growth journey gentler, and not so intense. Shop for Larimar here...


Hawk's Eye Tiger's Eye Crystals for Scorpio

Hawk’s Eye, also known as Blue Tiger's Eye, is the abundance crystal for the sign of Scorpio. This crystal is another microcrystalline member of the Quartz family. Scorpio is often exploring the lowest and darkest depths of the cave with their penchant for getting to the root of the matter, and sometimes Scorpio forgets to notice the bright sun and blue sky beneath their beating wings. Hawk’s Eye grants Scorpio wings and enables them to see the whole world from a bird’s eye view and brings a gentle reminder to be at peace and grounded in the present moment. This can help balance Scorpios over-active sex drive. Hawk’s Eye extends Scorpio’s laser focus and enhances their innumerable powers of perception. Shop for Hawk's Eye here...


Charoite Crystals for Scorpio

Scorpios are natural healers with their ability to cut right through to the heart of the matter. Charoite is a sensual dark-purple colored stone that enhances Scorpio’s ability to see through the different layers of etheric energies. Charoite boosts skills related to perceptive analysis and allows Scorpio to sink deep into the energetic layer where deep karmic and emotional healing takes place; on an individual level as well as for the collective whole. Working with Charoite reduces stress and emotional worries and helps to ground Scorpio on the path to spiritual growth. Shop for Charoite here...


Snowflake Obsidian crystals for Scorpio

Snowflake Obsidian is another Obsidian ally for Scorpio. This variety has been ingrained with white patterns and can help to balance any stark emotional contrast and clarify events for Scorpio. Snowflake Obsidian is one of the best crystals for detoxifying and working through toxic emotional patterns, which Scorpio can get caught up in. This Obsidian relative benefits Scorpio by revealing to them patterns of their own actions and undoing. Snowflake Obsidian can help Scorpio to understand that mistakes are intended to be learned from, and can be very useful indeed. This stone is also very good at balancing body, mind, and spirit as well as healing old wounds that may be slowing down your growth pattern. Shop Snowflake Obsidian here...


Rose Quartz crystals for Scorpio

Another stunning member of the Quartz family, Rose Quartz is the answer to Scorpio’s blind ambition. Growth just for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell and is not useful for anyone. Growth and ambition must both be grounded and contained in present context and reality. Rose Quartz is adept at helping Scorpio to open their hearts as well as purify any heavy emotions so that Scorpio doesn’t have to carry all that baggage around. This is a very useful crystal for spiritual cleansing and detoxification. Shop for Rose Quartz here...


Turquoise Crystals for Scorpio

Turquoise is the other Scorpio birthstone and complements Malachite with soft integrity. This crystal serves us up a potent inner calm that affects the body as well as mind. Scorpios are notorious for their hyper-active sex drive and as you can imagine that creates difficulty forming a bond with a monogamous partner. Turquoise may assist in inspiring empathy in a Scorpio and encourage fidelity to their chosen life partner. Turquoise is said to have the ability to change colors when in the presence of infidelity. This beautiful gem has very high vibrations and can protect Scorpio when they are delving into the deep and dark places in their own cosmos. Shop for Turquoise here...


Rhodochrosite crystals for Scorpio

Scorpio as a water sign can feel things very deeply and more intensely than most. When you feel so strongly it is easy to get trapped under the weight of your own emotions and get stuck dealing with grief, jealousy, and repressed emotions among other things. Inspiring forgiveness becomes the key to liberation, and is one of the strengths of the pinkish red crystal known as Rhodochrosite. This crystal improves emotional assimilation and can lessen the sting of painful feelings. Rhodochrosite is especially helpful where there are feelings of denial to overcome. Shop for Rhodochrosite here...


Smoky Quartz crystals for Scorpio

This is a member of the Quartz family who has been associated with grief and death for thousands of years. People who were grieving would adorn themselves with Smoky Quartz, as it was said to help the spirit of the deceased cross-over. Smoky Quartz is essential in working with existential regrets and emotional release, which is something the sign of Scorpio is no stranger to. Smoky Quartz also offers firm grounding in the present and the ability to cultivate positivity and protection from harmful feelings and sensations. Shop for Smoky Quartz here...

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*** Crystal healing is not a suitable replacement for regular visits to your physician or therapist, rather a complementary article to the process. If you are experiencing symptoms, please see a doctor immediately. Results of crystal healing may vary person to person, not all results will be the same. The claims made in the above statement are not intended to be curative and are not approved by the FDA.

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