12 Crystals for Libra Season

Here are some crystal recommendations for the astrological Zodiac sign of Libra from the experts here at Bliss Crystals. Whether you or a friend or significant other have Libra placements or just need a little extra support from September 23rd to October 22nd, we’ve got your back. 

Crystals  for Libra  Season


Cardinal Air Sign (September 23rd-October 22nd)

In the tradition of Western Tropical astrology, Libra Season happens when the Sun takes their annual tour through the Zodiac sign of Libra. This shift happens on September 23rd and is active all the way through to October 22nd. If you were born during this period, then your Sun sign is most likely Libra! The cardinal Air sign of Libra is all about instilling balance and inciting new cutting edge ideas; Libra is ruled by Venus and is known for being beauteous, graceful and particularly indulgent. Libras make excellent interior decorators, adept professionals, musicians, sensual diplomats as well as mediators.

Libra is also known for the propensity for being “yes men” at times, or having the inclination to avoid conflict. Conflict can be difficult to deal with, but situations that center conflict also puts us in place to make important decisions and make meaningful boundaries apparent. Ultimately to be the most successful version of Libra, the relationships with boundaries and conflict needs to be examined closely.


The sign of Libra is represented by the Scales and is the seventh sign of the Zodiac. The seventh house has everything to do with how we experience what is contrary to self, or what is also known as the ‘other.’ This house includes significant others, your coworkers and bosses, and even open enemies. Libra Suns have a very good grasp of cause and effect, especially when it comes to relationships; so much so that Libra has a tendency to engage in people pleasing to the extreme. Libra is at their best when living in harmony with others, but that is not an excuse to neglect to spend time discerning their needs, even if they might create conflict! Libra is also known for having a hard time making decisions, but certain crystals can help.

Libra Season is when we usher in the Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere which marks the last blaze of glory in the year before nature tucks itself in for winter. School is in full swing and we are tasked with navigating new relationships with new peers, teachers and balancing family and friends. Libra is all about teamwork! A balanced Libra also makes a pretty good CEO or boss because they have mastered the subtle nuances to giving constructive criticism and creating a pleasant work environment. This diplomatic tact can bring out the best qualities in their employees and bring everyone together as a team.


Below is a list of crystals and gemstones associated with the sign of Libra, who is represented by the symbol of scales and Lady of Justice. These can be monthly birthstones, crystals with relevant astrological ties, or simply related practical tools for the Zodiac sign of Libra to utilize.



Blue Sapphire Crystals

Sapphire together with Opal represent Libra’s two birthstones. This gorgeous blue gemstone brings tranquility and peace of mind to any situation so that Libra’s more graceful qualities can shine through. Sometimes if Libra is agitated and they do not have a working relationship with their own needs, they can have a tendency to lash out at others. Sapphire’s essence is serenity and grace and can benefit Libra by helping them to manage any tension that arises. Sapphire is also a magnificent crystal companion to help manage Libra’s chronic relationship with indecision. Shop for Sapphire crystals here...


When Libra is constantly monitoring your outward expressions to limit conflict at work, home, school or any social situation it can be difficult sometimes to say what they are really feeling. Twin Crystal is a Quartz formation that can help Libra to be more authentic, and can assist with attracting genuine relationships. Twin Crystal can even help to find their romantic soulmate! When building personal relationships, it is ideal to start out as your true self so that you can form relationships with the people who fulfill your veritable needs and accept the real you with no strings attached. For this purpose, Twin Crystal is a perfect choice.


Chiastolite is a rare form of Andalusite that features inclusions of crystals and geometric cross-shaped patterns of graphite. Traditionally Chiastolite was believed to ward off curses. A very protective crystal, this stone deflects harm rather than absorbing it and can help mediate any negativity that Libra may find. Chiastolite is a popular ritual crystal. Chiastolite is also known to be very grounding and resonant with the element of Earth. This extremely calming crystal can help open Libra to the transformational influence of Mother Earth. The rarer gem-grade version which features a more transparent finish has an added brightness and warmth of energy. Shop for Chiastolite here...


Pink Girasol Quartz in a bowl

This variety of glowy pink Quartz shines from within. This luscious crystal can enhance Libra’s ability to work from their heart so they can shine from within too. A very light but stabilizing crystal, Pink Girasol is known to solidify the feelings associated with love or passion. This extra reinforcement helps Libra to find lucidity surrounding their true feelings, so that they may embrace them more fully. This beautiful crystal can connect Libra directly to unconditional love and their own heart and will help to navigate any challenges of the heart that Libra must work through. The word Girasol is Spanish for Sunflower, and this crystal will enhance your ability to turn towards the light. Shop for Girasol Quartz here...



Bloodstone AKA Heliotrope or Blood Jasper, is a variety of Chalcedony, which is a form of microcrystalline Quartz. The deep velvet of forest green Chalcedony is paired with exuberant flashes of Red Jasper. This empowering stone is iron-rich and resonates with the heart as well as the lower chakras. Our hearts have iron-rich blood pumping through them just as this stone does too; it’s no wonder that this crystal is associated with the Heart Chakra. This property connects us back with the Earth, and can help Libra to remain focused on the present. Also called Heliotrope, this stone can incite courage and a deep feeling of safety by unlocking the Root Chakra. This extra-empowering courage and feeling of safety can aid Libra in overcoming any deep-seated fears or traumas that are blocking their way to true harmony. Shop for Bloodstone here...


Ametrine Quartz Crystals

This multicolored gemstone is a blend of two members of the Quartz family; Amethyst and Citrine. Put them together and you get Ametrine! The intuitive and tranquil presence of Amethyst paired with the vibrant positivity and enthusiasm of Citrine is like a divinely inspiring ray of sunshine! This is another amazing crystal companion to assist Libra through their decision making process. Ametrine can help Libra feel at peace through this process by tapping into their intuitive center so that Libra does not have to second guess themselves. A balanced Libra knows that being at peace with yourself is the ultimate way to achieve harmony with others. Shop for Ametrine here...


Aquamarine Crystals

Aquamarine is the calming sea-colored version of Beryl, a semi-precious stone and the answer to the sign of Libra’s perpetual desire to judge others. Libra is always sitting on the fence post seeking information so that they can make the correct decision, but they can be overly judgmental in this process. Aquamarine has the ability to promote acceptance of others, and inspire the realization that every single entity on this planet has capacity for good, no matter how different they are. This crystal was carried by sailors and thought to protect people from drowning as well as evil spirits. Aquamarine can also aid in relaxation, meditation, and enhance Libra’s intuition. Shop for Aquamarine here...


Blue Tiger's Eye Heart

Blue Tiger’s Eye or Hawk’s Eye is yet another glorious member of the Chalcedony family. This smoldering beauty has the capacity to unite extreme opposites which is an amazingly useful tool to a Zodiac sign who craves balance. Libra, though obsessed with cause and effect, is not always acting from a place of balance. Blue Tiger’s Eye can quickly start to pull Libra back into shape and cool them off so that they may better address their current needs and desires, as well as any surrounding controversy. This crystal keeps Libra’s tendency to lash out at others in times of imbalance in check; striking out at others will not improve the situation. Shop Blue Tiger's Eye here...


Jade Bracelets

Jade is a beautifully soothing green mineral. Jade is a traditional wedding gift said to promote good fortune, harmony and a long and successful relationship. Jade is another crystal for Libra that is tuned into the Heart Chakra. Jade is very protective and adept at dispelling harm. This crystal is also a go-to for enhancing physical health as well as calling in spiritual awakening. For a sign like Libra that is so sensual and connected to the heart, a long-term relationship is usually a very high priority for Libra. Whether you are promoting a long-term romance with others, or a high quality relationship with yourself, Jade will be there for you! Shop for Jade here...



Tourmaline is one of the greatest crystal allies for powerful protection! Its pink counterpart is a mega-powerful crystal companion for boosting self-esteem and encouraging Libra to have confidence. Pink Tourmaline is a magnificent crystal selection for leaders. In a leadership situation, this crystal enables Libra to see the good in everybody, clarify any available options and can subtly coax the best qualities out of other members of the group. Pink Tourmaline is a crystal of humanity and encourages Libra to see a little of themselves in everybody they meet. Shop for Pink Tourmaline here...



Due to Libra’s tendency to fear criticism or conflict, this can cause some emotional stagnation or repression to occur. Apophyllite is a brilliant light-colored crystal that boasts a huge amount of sublime energy for spiritual healing and can help to release these repressed energies and dissolve any worries. Apophyllite is purifying, cleansing and attuned to healing and has a formidable affinity for the physical body as well. This crystal is a sublime choice for any Libra who feels they need extra protection on their spiritual journey! Shop for Apophyllite here...


Purple opal

This species of Opal was recently discovered in central Mexico in 2011.This alluring gem features tiny opalescent inclusions of Fluorite and Silica. This distant cousin of Opal is ideal for any Libra exploring meditation, or wishing to connect with their Spirit Guides and Ancestors. Purple Opal resonates powerful with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra and can inspire purity of heart which is essential for Libras destined to become leaders. This stone is a benevolent meditation companion, benefits intuition as well as reducing stress levels. Shop for Purple Opal here...

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