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In the heart of every person lies a path waiting to be discovered, a journey to be embarked upon, and mysteries to be unraveled. At Bliss Crystals, we understand the quest for deeper understanding and spiritual connection. That's why we offer an array of Psychic Services designed to guide, inspire, and enlighten. Our gifted team of readers, each with their unique skills and insights, is dedicated to helping you navigate life's complex tapestry.

Meet Our Diverse Team of Psychic Readers

Embark on a journey of spiritual discovery and personal enlightenment with the gifted team of readers at Bliss Crystals. Our sanctuary of intuition and insight is home to a diverse array of psychic talents, each offering a unique pathway to understanding and empowerment. From the celestial insights of Devin, our Astrologer & Intuitive Tarot Reader, to the profound connections with the animal kingdom by Nora, our empathic Pet Psychic, our team is dedicated to guiding you through life's complexities.

Devin, Astrologer & Intuitive Tarot Reader

Merging the ancient wisdom of astrology with the symbolism of tarot, Devin offers insights into your life's purpose, relationships, and potential future paths. ideal for those seeking a comprehensive view of their life's journey.

Riley, Tarot & Oracle Reader, Animal Communicator

A master tarot reader and mystic, Riley is your guide to unlocking spiritual clarity for your life's journey. Experience transformative tarot wisdom and insightful animal communication for a deeper connection.

Renee, Spiritual Guide Tarot & Oracle Reader

With her deep connection to the angelic and spiritual realms, Renee offers insightful readings using Tarot and oracle cards, helping you connect with your higher self.

Teresa, Clairvoyant Tarot Reader and Reiki Practitioner

Combining her clairvoyant abilities with the healing energy of Reiki, Teresa provides a holistic reading experience that guides and rejuvenates.

Abigail, Shambala Reiki, Intuitive Tarot Channeler

Psychic Services Offered at Bliss Crystals


Based on one’s natal (birth) chart, gain comprehensive insights into personality traits, tendencies and guidance into current ife situations and life path challenges, past, present and future. Astrology readings can be focused on personal issues,  love/relationship, parent/child, lifepath/career, health/wellness and many more. 

Tarot Reading: Prepare for a deep dive into the mystical world with our expert Tarot readings. Discover insights about your life path, career, and personal growth with this ancient practice. Ideal for those seeking guidance through Tarot's symbolic cards, narratives  and archetypes. 

Oracle Reading

Ideal for those seeking direct, comforting messages from the spiritual realm using themes and images that resonate deeply with one’s personality and preferences.

Angel Card Reading

Connect with your Guardian Angels with names, pictures and narratives. Receive comforting messages and divine guidance to illuminate your spiritual journey. Angel cards are a good place to start for beginners.

Christian Faith Based Readings

Suitable for those who seek guidance within the framework and symbols of their religious faith.

Pet Psychic Readings

Helpful for understanding and connecting with your pet on a deeper level, whether by your side or having crossed the rainbow bridge, 


Reiki is based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into a  person by means of touch or close proximity, activating the natural healing processes of the patient's body. It's a holistic approach, aiming to balance the body, mind, and spirit. The philosophy of Reiki promotes harmony, balance, and wellness, focusing on the idea that unseen “life force energy” flows through us.


Sought by individuals who wish to receive messages from departed loved ones or gain closure after a loss, thus assisting in the healing process.  

Clairvoyant Reading

The term "clairvoyant" literally means "clear seeing," which means the ability to have insights or visions beyond the range of ordinary sight or perception. A psyhic may use ESP or various type of divination tools that may provide guidance and information about past experiences, current situations, and future possibilities or outcomes.

Bilingual Readings

For those who prefer receiving guidance in Spanish.

Prepare for and Book Your Session

Get Started on Your Psychic Journey

  • Reflect on Your Needs: Before booking a session, take a moment to reflect on what you are seeking. Is it guidance on a specific issue, spiritual insight, or a connection with another person or pet? Your intention will guide you in choosing the right reader.
  • Explore Our Reader Profiles: Learn more about each reader's specialties and approaches in the section above.. This can help you feel connected to a reader whose skills and style resonate with your needs.
  • Prepare for Your Session: Once you've chosen a reader, prepare for your session by considering the questions or areas of life you'd like insight into. Keep an open mind and heart to receive the guidance.

Book Your Reading

  1. Select a Service. Base your selection on your natural intuition and needs after reviewing the Services list above. If you are unsure, call Bliss Crystals for a phone consult with one of our staff who are familiar with our services and readers and they will guide you.
  2. Book a Reader. Select a reader based on their description above. Click on Book Now to see a detailed page of their skills and philosophy in their own words and their availability. Choose your time and pay for your session.
  3. Mark your Calendar. Your session is reserved exclusively for you, so mark you calendar. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for your appointment in order to check-in and get oriented.
  4. See our blog article on “Prepare for your Reading” information.

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