Walk your path of highest potential with Riley

Hello, I'm Riley - - and I am a full time mystic priestess living my most magickal life by the sea. Through the use of my Divine Teachings and Tools, I help you embody your Highest Version of Self. During a Tarot reading with me, come open to receiving a message your Higher Self wants you to hear right now or feel free to ask a question about a specific area of your life you want guidance on from a Higher Self perspective.

If you would like an Animal Communication session, you can have a list of questions ready to ask your animal companion, but also get ready for them to share what is on their hearts as well. As a dedicated Animal Communicator or “Pet Psychic” I specialize in unlocking those mysteries, fostering a deeper connection between you and your beloved pet, or any animal that has been a part of your life.

A Bridge Between the Realms

A Priestess is a guide who knows how to peek behind the curtain of this world into the spiritual realm, and it is my pleasure to be the bridge between the two for you. Whether I am acting as a channel between you and your Higher Self … or… between you and your animal companion, I am here to receive, translate, and clearly communicate the information through my psychic senses that is making its way to you now.

Clearing Space for Clarity to come through

Each session with me begins with a guided meditation and clearing to ground you, clear your energetic field, and connect you with your Higher Self. This unlocks your own inner voice of guidance, so that it becomes easy to intuitively pick up on what resonates in the reading at hand by standing strong in your Divine Sovereignty.

Focusing on the Present-Your Place of Power

My readings tend to focus on taking a snapshot of your current energetic state in order to give you guidance, clarity, and advice for what you can do in the here and now to reconnect to your core and align with the path of your Soul’s True Will and Purpose. The past and the future have a place in Tarot, but the present is the Key to taking aligned action, and I treat it as such.

Receive Downloads from your Higher Self

My purpose is to help you meet, know, and embody your Higher Self. This is the most evolved, powerful, and spiritual expression of your Soul,and this is the exact energy I tune into and channel for your reading, so that all messages are catered to helping you walk your path of Highest Alignment.

Animals are our Greatest Guides

Animals are constantly talking to us through their body language, habits, emotional expression, and unique traits of their personality. I communicate with them by intuitively picking up on these subtle clues, and choosing to actively listen to what they are already sharing. It is my joy to translate the language of their communication style for you, so that you can better understand your animal companion’s desires, Soul purpose, and heart for you. I have a background in animal medicine, and I love answering questions about their health and behavior from their point of view.

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