Square Eye Alder Wood Pendulum Board #K132 Square Eye Alder Wood Pendulum Board #K132
Square Eye Alder Wood Pendulum Board #K132 from $16.00
This grid is laser etched from sustainable Alder Wood, and made in the US. Wood grids can be used as a base to create beautiful crystal arrangements, and are sturdy and reusable. Watch our tutorials online or on YouTube for ideas!
Clear Quartz Ball Pendulum #SK6207
Clear Quartz Marble Pendulum #SK6207 $9.95
As one of the most abundant crystals on Earth, Quartz is known as the "King of Crystals" and a "Master Healer." It is highly programmable with your intentions and not incidentally the prime component in electronics that now run our world. So use Quartz as your starting point to direct energy to where it will do the most good in life, whether it is for health, for healing, or for manifesting your heart's desires. Although Quartz often looks like ice, it is truly capable of starting real or virtual fires with a laser-like focus, so use it carefully with well-thought-out intentions.
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Labradorite Buddha + Angel Phantom Pendulum #SK6202
Labradorite Buddha + Angel Phantom Quartz Pendulum #... $30.00 $39.00
Labradorite is known as one of the most powerful mystical, protective crystals for those in the healing, psychic arts, spiritual and artistic fields. It is truly magical as a dreaming crystal and a portal to creative genius. It brings flashes of insight and wisdom, raising consciousness, and guiding transformation. It holds many healing uses for the physical body. and may help mental clarity, remove creative blocks and relieve despondency & sadness. Labradorite makes stunning jewelry and can be worn daily as protection against negative forces.
Green Zebra Sardonyx 1.6
Green Zebra Sardonyx 1.6" Pendulum #LV4455 $15.00
Size: 1.6", Approx. 13 - 15gOnyx is traditionally a stone of strength, stability, and protection. It is often given as a gift to newlyweds. Onyx is also used to relieve grief and fears, especially in hard times.A pendulum is a weighted crystal or metal point with a chain attached. Use it as an intuitive divination tool to answer questions, make decisions and get spiritual guidance. To use a pendulum, first cleanse it and spend some time with it to attune your energy. Hold it by the end of the chain, with the pendulum dangling, and ask it to show you your yes, no, and maybe/unclear answer. Then once you understand the direction of each answer, you can begin asking questions. It is best to ask yes or no questions rather than open-ended questions. This practice is also known as "Dowsing".

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