Amethyst Ball w Chakra Chain Pendulum #SK6206
Amethyst Marble w Chakra Chain Pendulum #SK6206D $11.95
The "Queen of Crystals" Amethyst is an incredible stone that can be used in many ways. It rules the realm of mind and spirit, providing a protective light shield around one’s aura to guard against psychic attacks as well panic episodes or addiction-related conditions because it helps conquer these things with its calming purple color which calms emotions down so you don't feel anything negative when meditating.From Indian Philosophy, chakras are centers of spiritual power (energy) in the human body. The main chakras number 7 from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, although there are considered to be many secondary chakras within and outside the body.
Clear Quartz Ball Pendulum #SK6207
Clear Quartz Marble Pendulum #SK6207 $9.95
As one of the most abundant crystals on Earth, Quartz is known as the "King of Crystals" and a "Master Healer." It is highly programmable with your intentions and not incidentally the prime component in electronics that now run our world. So use Quartz as your starting point to direct energy to where it will do the most good in life, whether it is for health, for healing, or for manifesting your heart's desires. Although Quartz often looks like ice, it is truly capable of starting real or virtual fires with a laser-like focus, so use it carefully with well-thought-out intentions.
Square Eye Alder Wood Pendulum Board #K132 Square Eye Alder Wood Pendulum Board #K132
Square Eye Alder Wood Pendulum Board #K132 from $16.00
This grid is laser etched from sustainable Alder Wood, and made in the US. Wood grids can be used as a base to create beautiful crystal arrangements, and are sturdy and reusable. Watch our tutorials online or on YouTube for ideas!
Pyrite Faceted Pendulum #SK6205
Pyrite Pendulum #SK6205 $7.00
Pyrite is the "Big Daddy" - bold, masculine, the life of the party. Its dynamic energy is the center of attention for your most important goals - prosperity, success, and strength of character. While its gold, glittering appearance has earned the moniker of "Fools Gold" Pyrite is on no fool's errand when it comes to blocking negative energy, danger & harm. It emanates positive energy, uplifts mood, and boosts self-confidence and self-worth. With Pyrite in your crystal toolbox, you can stand on your own and navigate the storms of life with your head held high. Pyrite is an inspirational cheerleader for transforming wall flowers into the belle of the ball or timid mice into roaring tigers. Use Pyrite liberally as an essential in Feng Shui prosperity Bagua or wealth altar.
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Labradorite Buddha + Angel Phantom Pendulum #SK6202
Labradorite Buddha + Angel Phantom Quartz Pendulum #... $30.00 $39.00
Labradorite is known as one of the most powerful mystical, protective crystals for those in the healing, psychic arts, spiritual and artistic fields. It is truly magical as a dreaming crystal and a portal to creative genius. It brings flashes of insight and wisdom, raising consciousness, and guiding transformation. It holds many healing uses for the physical body. and may help mental clarity, remove creative blocks and relieve despondency & sadness. Labradorite makes stunning jewelry and can be worn daily as protection against negative forces.

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