Create Sacred Space

One of the best ways to use and connect to your crystals is to create Sacred Space. This means that anywhere you use your crystals can become dedicated to your well being and life journey, whether it is at your computer desk, living room, bedroom, kitchen, driving in your car or on a yoga mat. Wherever you are, is where your crystals can work. Welcome them into your daily life and place on a tabletop, bookshelf, windowsill, under or around the bed, on a night table, desk, next to the computer, prayer altar, meditation room, near pictures of loved ones, in a hospital room, office, kitchen, workspace – anywhere you live and work. You will find that they become cherished companions for mindfulness, taking a deep breath and enjoying the moment. Use this guide and our other sections on cleansing and crystal properties to familiarize yourself with the many ways Crystals can benefit your daily life.

Hold in Hand or Place on Body

Most crystals can be held in the hand or placed on the skin directly (or over clothing) and left in place for 15 minutes or more. Most are beneficial when placed directly on the skin where they can also be wrapped or taped in place if needed. It is best to apply the crystal as close as possible to the area affected. Crystals can also be carried in a pocket or a small cloth or silk bag to protect them from scratching or breaking.

There are many crystal “layouts” that can be applied to the body. It is best to learn about these either from a crystal healer or from books that we recommend on this website. Expect to learn both from your own personal experience and the wisdom of a practitioner. Practice on yourself first before laying stones on anyone else.

Once you have placed the stones on the body, close your eyes and breath gently and naturally from the abdomen, allowing yourself to relax without expectations. Your body should feel supported by the earth and the subtle energy of the crystal can then be felt radiating in throughout your physical, mental, auric and spiritual bodies. It is possible that you might not be able to sense this crystal energy right away -- even so, know that it is working on the behalf of your highest good.


Wear as Jewelry

Our favorite way to use your Crystals on a daily basis is to wear them as Jewelry. Close contact with the skin over many hours is highly effective for healing and energizing your intentions. Pendants or necklaces are especially potent for impacting the Throat and Heart Chakras, Earrings for the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras, Bracelets and Rings for all the lower Chakras. However, any type of jewelry can be used that suits your personal style and preferences. Be certain to cleanse and program your crystal jewelry.

Stretch bracelets are very popular as they are easy to wear and easy on the budget. A popular trend is to wear them in stacks and combine with watches or other types of bracelets. We recommend wearing a Hematite bracelet as a basic everyday assist to stay grounded during the day while driving in traffic, working, exercising, creative activities and talking to people. Hematite drains off negative energy, excess EMFs and stress.

Another little known method is "ta-ta" stones. These are smaller, flat, smooth crystals that can be tucked inside a bra for healing the heart, calming emotions and relieving stress, anxiety and worry. Some of the best “ta-ta” stones resonate to the Heart and Throat Chakras and are pink, green or blue. Examples are Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Bloodstone, Pink Mangano Calcite, Morganite, Angelite, Chrysoprase, Blue Kyanite, Blue Lace Agate, Peridot and Pink Opal.

Make a Crystal Grid

Grids are a geometric arrangement of crystals that transform the energy of your space combined with their own healing energy, the design and your intention. Grids can be simple or complex depending on your preference. It is an option to mix your crystals with flowers, herbs, pictures, sculptures and favorite things to make it most meaningful. As a guide, you can use a printed cloth, paper or wooden grid for a base.


Above are some grids we have designed, from very simple to full blown artistic displays. These represent the 4 seasons.

Make Your Own Gem Water

Gem Water is infused with Crystal energy and can be used a refreshing water drink, as a spray, combined with herbs in tea, blended with essential oils and many other healthful practices. Gem Water is also called an Elixir or Potion, and is one of the simplest ways to share crystal energy with animals and pets. You can easily make your own Gem Water by following these guidelines.

There are 2 methods of preparing a Gem Water- direct and indirect. In the direct method the crystals are put directly into the water. In the indirect method the crystals are separated in the water by a glass container. The reason for the 2 methods is that some crystals naturally contain minerals that are not meant for ingesting into the human body, such as Copper and Lead. Although these minerals are usually safe to use in polished form, they should not be ingested. So we recommend the indirect method as the safest way to make any Gem Water.


Direct Method

This method is only to be used with polished (not rough) stones that are well known to be safe for making Gem Waters. The best stones for the direct method are polished or tumbled stones (aka touchstones) such as Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Bloodstone or Agates. By adding crystals directly to purified or spring water, their energy can be diffused into the water for taking internally. The subtle vibration of the crystal is transferred into the water and then into the body, both physical and subtle. Elixirs made by the indirect method below are considered safer for children and the environment.

Indirect Method

Another easy way for indirect method is a special bottle with a bottom chamber for the crystals. The top chamber receives the water. Although the crystals do not come into direct contact with the water, they are able to charge the water with their specific healing energies through the glass, much like light passes through a window.

After charging, drops of the charged water can be added to drinking water; put in a spray bottle and diffused into the room or around plants; a few drops put under your tongue; applied to the skin directly; or added to bath water. Experiment and you will find out the best uses for your situation. The remaining elixir can be saved in a covered container but if you feel it needs a preservative if it is going to last more than a week you can add a drop of vodka, brandy or cider vinegar. You can also keep the elixir in the refrigerator, clearly marked of course. Once you become more experienced using crystals and elixirs you can even combine drops of different elixirs together to make custom healing remedies.


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