A Cardinal sign, Libra ushers in the Fall Equinox (equal day and night), true to their nature as champions of justice, balance and fairness. Libra is an amorous Soul, happiest in a cooperative love relationship and steeped in beauty. They are at their best as diplomats, interior decorators, artists, publicists and mediators, while wary of their tendencies for people pleasing, conflict avoidance, intolerance and fear of criticism.


The Scales, Lady Justice

Chakra :

Zodiac House :


Zodiac Birthstone :

Sapphire or Opal

Dates :

September 23 - October 22

September Birthstone :


Element :

Air (autumn winds)

October Birthstone :

Pink Tourmaline

Ruling Planet :


Anatomy :

Kidneys, buttocks

Energy :

Masculine (Yang)

Essential Oil :

Lavender, Bergamot, Geranium

Sign Quality :


Lucky Day:


Key Phrase :

"I balance"

Lucky Number :


Color :

Blue and Pink

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