GIRASOL QUARTZ Heart aka Milky Goddess for Spiritual Attunement #GH21


GIRASOL QUARTZ Heart aka Milky Goddess for Spiritual Attunement #GH21

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You are buying One (1) Collector Quality, Girasol Polished Heart that is pictured.

Size: approx = 1.3" length x 1.5" width x .68" depth
Weight: approx= 29 gm , 1 oz each

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

When you are ready to create real magic, here is your tool! This type of GIRASOL Quartz is also known as Milky Goddess, with deep feminine Energy of the Universal Mother Goddess. It is ideal when invoking the creative and earth magic of the Mother. They have beautiful semi-translucent spirals and layers in a sweet, milky crystal bath. Lovely! It is also known as Milk Opal.

This is an exceptional lot of Girasol Quartz that has a sweet and loving energy! They have been cut and polished to a beautiful heart shapes. Each heart is about 1/2" thick so it makes a perfect palm or pocket stone. Just imagine one of these on your forehead, pulling off stress and imparting peace to your mind. There's nothing like it!

If you are looking for energy, healing and blessings, these incredible stones are for you! It is the perfect gift for a healer, best friend, or the loved one in your life.

Keep this beautiful gemstone heart under your pillow at night and dream of romantic togetherness to sweeten life.

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my healing practice, I use Girasol Quartz as a powerful, overall healing crystal. It is well known to energize and amplify intentions and blessings of every kind. It attunes to pure spiritual purpose. This type is known as Milky Goddess Quartz and being pure quartz, it is the ultimate "programmable" crystal and should be carefully intentioned from the beginning. You can combine it with any other crystal and it is a tried and true "cleanser" for all other crystals as well. Primarily I use Girasol and Clear Quartz in conjunction with other crystals to clarify and enhance their healing powers.

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