The magical healing crystal known as Azurite demonstrates one of the most beautiful, potent and hypnotizing deep indigo blues to be found in the crystal world. Collectors and energy healers alike seek this gem out for its shimmering hues and spiritual nature. Azurite crystal is a soft and delicate, porous mineral with a monoclinic crystal form. Azurite naturally transports one into a higher awareness state that is conducive to psychic, intuitive and spiritual development. Take care of your crystal if you are lucky enough to have an Azurite stone, as they can be rather delicate! Learn more about how to store your Azurite safely here and shop from the best online crystal shop, Bliss Crystals, now!

Azurite is a crystal so powerful that even most novice users can feel its effects by looking at it! Azurite resonates with the zodiac signs of Taurus, Capricorn and Sagittarius. The gently opening and inviting energies of Azurite healing crystals bring the stolid signs of Taurus and Capricorn to a place where it is possible to consider all information and avenues being set before us in life. The brilliant energies of Azurite can lead Sagittarius to great heights as well as depths along their spiritual journey for truth. You can read more about the astrological and metaphysical propertiesof azurite!


Azurite crystal was once crushed into a powder and used as a primary medieval paint pigment and textile dye. The Azurite that was mainly used to create color pigment came out of a mine in France. Azurite became the primary pigment because Lapis Lazuli is the other crystal that represents this particular hue of blue, and was more valuable than Azurite. The energetic properties of Azurite also excel at inciting the creative centers of the body, as a perfect compliment to real history. The ancient Chinese people called Azurite the “Stone of Heaven,” and it is rumored to have origins in the watery depths of Atlantis.

Along with Malachite and Larimar, this crystal emanates powerful Atlantean energies. Azurite crystals do indeed display enchanting blue druzy crystals or stunning rosettes, often set with bright glinting green Malachite like it’s been underwater for a century! The more Malachite there has crystallized, the older the crystal likely is, and the more green color will be present in the crystal formation.

Azurite crystal is a copper based mineral commonly found as a sideline in copper mines. Azurite is chemically unstable to the air and eventually will yield to Malachite, as such it is spotted in the same matrix often as malachite crystals. Azurite is often found in combination with Chrysocolla as well, and the scientific name for Azurite is copper carbonate hydroxide. Here is an article we put together on the origin and geology of Azurite, if you’re looking for more information!

Crystal Energy


Azurite is a meditation companion that is capable of removing old emotional or mental blocks and clearing fields of stagnant energy. This process allows the mind to both be expanded, and to be free of negativity and left open. The Azurite crystal meaning and energy possesses both a psychic coolness and an inciting fire that amps up the creative centers of the body. It is my feeling that this fire energy originates from the crystal’s environment, being embedded in a copper matrix which is a very stimulating metal, and a lot of Azurite comes from the burning desert! This fact lends itself to teaching how to be able to burn away stagnant emotions that are not serving you anymore.


Working with Azurite will give you a profound capacity for emotional and mental processing, allowing great leaps and bounds on your spiritual journey. But outside of the Azurite crystal meaning, this stone has a long history of being used by humankind as paint pigment, ornamental objects and as an extraordinary aid for communicating with the spirit world. With the affiliation to the Throat Chakra, this healing stone excels in clearing away the mental blocks specifically related to speaking our own truth.

*CAUTION* Azurite is not a suitable stone for consumption in elixirs or ritual baths, due to its delicate nature and metal toxicity. The raw form of the stone is also a possible source of particles that are toxic if inhaled. Work exclusively with polished stones if you are going to make physical contact, as even prolonged touch can cause symptoms.



Working with Azurite allows for great leaps and bounds on your spiritual journey. While Azurite is most commonly known for its deep blue color, it can also appear in various shades and patterns. Azurite crystals can range from a vibrant blue hue with streaks or speckles of green, to a more muted blue-green color. The color can also change over time due to oxidation, developing a unique patina and showcasing shades of green, blue, and sometimes even purple. These different color variations add to the allure and beauty of this healing crystal, making each piece truly unique and captivating to behold. Get yours from the best online crystal shop now!

Metaphysical Properties of Azurite
The Geology and Origins of Azurite

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*** Crystal healing is not a suitable replacement for regular visits to your physician or therapist, rather a complementary article to the process. If you are experiencing symptoms, please see a doctor immediately. Results of crystal healing may vary person to person, not all results will be the same. The claims made in the above statement are not intended to be curative and are not approved by the FDA.

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