The Meaning of Yellow and Gold Crystals

Learn the meanings, history and use of yellow and gold crystals as they relate to emotions, healing, the 3rd Chakra and zodiac sun sign of Leo.
The Meaning of Yellow and Gold Crystals

Yellow and gold crystals are far more than a pretty face! They exude powerful solar energy associated with the 3rd Chakra - life giving warmth, upward movement, optimism and creativity. This chakra, also known as Solar Plexus or Manipura in Sanskrit, is located at the navel center. Here is where heat (symbolized by yellow fire) is generated for digestion, thus stimulating growth and strength. You can find out more about this chakra on the Bliss Crystals Third Chakra information card and Crystal Set which outlines 8 yellow crystals for healing work. At the end of this blog, learn more about how Yellow and Gold Crystals align with the Zodiac sign of Leo and their meaning.

 In Chinese culture, yellow is associated with the sun and Yang, male energy.  And historically, the sun is considered a masculine diety in many systems of religion and philosophy. Emotionally the color yellow or gold relaxes the heart with feelings of warmth and happiness.This post will explore the top 5 yellow gold crystals and their meanings: Citrine, Amber, Gold Tiger's Eye, Pyrite and Libyan Desert Glass. These all belong to distinctive crystal families with unique origins and meanings.Citrine Towers

One of the most popular yellow crystals is Citrine, a member of the Quartz family. Ranging in color from soft translucent light yellow to more intense sparkling amber, it looks and feels like energy of sunshine. Citrine attracts prosperity, abundance, good fortune, success and positive energy. Its sunny disposition is beneficial to energize all areas of life and ideal for chasing away depression, fears, fatigue, phobias and the "blahs." It is very helpful in creating more of anything, so keep it near wallet or safe. It is an effective cleanser for emotions, body, and soul, promoting self confidence, esteem and pure joy. Wear Citrine close to the body in jewelry and keep it in sight in home or office.


Another yellow crystal is Amber, which is actually fossilized tree resin. Amber is a strong overall healer and cleanser with a warming and uplifting quality - ideal for those who need an extra energetic yet gentle "boost." Use it during the winter's darker months to bring a ray of sunshine to cold weather "blahs" as Amber quickly absorbs negative energies and builds a positive, sunny mood and disposition. Helpful for memory, stress, decision making. When treating babies, the Mother should wear the stone first and transmit to the child. Best worn as bracelet or necklace.

Gold Tiger's Eye is a dark gold and brown striped crystal that is often used to boost energy and build a courageous attitude. As its namesake suggests, Gold Tiger's Eye holds the fierce strength and sharp vision of a prowling, wild tiger and is found primarily in Africa. It is also known as "The Shapeshifter," a talisman of inner strength, protection, prosperity & confidence. It is often worn to ward off harmful influences and as a solar stone, it is regarded to boost vitality and energy for action, increase low sex drive and step up motivation. For those seeking a new career path, this stone is ideal for new ventures, courage, success and right use of power. Use it to banish fear, low self esteem and indecisiveness. Wear it as a bracelet on the right wrist.

Pyrite is a heavy metallic crystal found in the Andes of Peru. It has a dense shiny surface and grows in geometric clusters. Pyrite is considered the "Big Daddy" - bold, masculine, life of the party. Its dynamic energy is the center of attention for one's most important goals - prosperity, success, strength of character. While its gold, glittering appearance has earned the moniker of "Fools Gold" Pyrite is on no fool's errand when it comes to blocking negative energy, danger & harm. It emanates positive energy, uplifts mood, boosts self confidence & self worth. With Pyrite in your crystal toolbox, you can stand on your own and navigate the storms of life with head held high. Pyrite is an inspirational cheerleader for transforming wall flowers into the belle of the ball or timid mice into roaring tigers.







Libyan Glass is technically a tektite, thought to have been created by a meteoric event 28 million years ago. It is found in the Erg Desert strew field near the Northwest Egyptian Libya border in the Sahara Desert.  While is it is known by many names such as Great Sand Sea Glass, ET Stone and Libyan Gold Tektite, this beautiful butter yellow stone is primarily made into jewelry. It is known as "stone of transformation" from the celestial realms. Revered by ancient Egypt, it was found as a carved scarab in King Tut's tomb. Using it may result in a rebirthing of one's untapped potential and connection to powerful spiritual energies. However not to be feared, it holds a gentle guidance and pull toward mysticism, prosperity manifestation and protection against negativity. It emanates divine inspiration for who we are at our deepest core, releasing bonds for unlimited ascension to the highest union of body, mind and spirit.


 In addition to their energetic properties, yellow crystals are also associated with the astrological sign of Leo. Leos are known for their creativity, enthusiasm, and charisma, and yellow crystals can help to enhance these traits.  Above is a link to a Bliss Crystals YouTube video on the Yellow and Gold Crystals that have meaning for the sign of Leo and everyone during Leo Season.

 So, whether you are drawn to the vibrant energy of Citrine, the warm healing properties of Amber, or the celestial qualities of Libyan Glass, yellow crystals can be a powerful tool for personal growth and spiritual development. Whether used in meditation, carried as a talisman, or simply admired for their beauty, these bright and cheerful stones are a powerful reminder of the potential for joy and abundance in our lives.

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