Crystal Energy

Crystal Energy has been recognized, even though not completely understood, for a very long time. From Ancient Civilizations to the Electronic Age, crystals have been used for healing, divination, wisdom, adornment, art, trade, amulets and now advanced technologies. Gold and Silver minerals are the foundation of currencies even today. The Bible (from Exodus to Revelations) contains dozens of references to crystal gemstones. Virtually every indigenous culture carries lore and legend using crystals and their combinations. And because gemstones are resiliently long lasting, the historical record is rich with stories of cultures told in colorful stones. Imagine the excitement of archeologists discovering Egyptian tombs with their lapis and gold adornments still intact after thousands of years.

Today, we understand that everything in the Universe whether visible or not, consists of vibratory energy - from our bodies, to light, to sound and all matter. Because of their atomic symmetry, crystals are the most stable and predictable vibratory natural material on Earth. Thus our integrated circuit based technology is based on quartz crystal as its core "clock", whether a watch, medical device, automobile or a satellite that beams communications to our cell phones. Crystals are the workhorse of modern, everyday life.

Today our science also shows how he human body operates on every level with energetic vibrations from the electrical pulses of nerves to the subtle oscillation of atoms underlying every cell. The atomic structure of biological cells though is more fluid and faster to change, from birth to death. Compared to crystals, the life cycle of biological organisms is infinitesimally shorter and more erratic. Human biological vibrations are congruent and sensitive to the subtle yet stable energetic vibrations of crystals. When energy is blocked or misaligned in the body (causing discomfort, illness or distress), the application of crystals near or on the body can facilitate a release, stabilization and/or free flow of energy. This impact can be on the physical, mental, emotional, psychic or spiritual level as we are made up of vibratory energy in every part of our being.

Thoughts or intentions are also vibrations that can be directed into Crystals to "program" them to do work on our behalf. Crystals are so sensitive to our thoughts that they are easily given "jobs" to do. With a minimum of care, Crystals will last more than a lifetime and can be passed on to a new generation.

At Bliss Crystals, we offer the highest quality Crystals for healing and inspirational use. Whether large specimens for balancing Feng Shui energy in home or office, natural crystal jewelry to match one's intentions or gemstones to lay on the body for healing and meditation, you can rely on Bliss Crystals curating and ethical standards. While most crystal purveyors actually know nothing of the healing power of crystals or just cut and paste information from books into their websites, Bliss Crystals is uniquely different. From our over 40 years of experience, we have authentic first hand knowledge of the Crystals we sell, teach our clients how to use them in everyday life and we make much of our own jewelry to exacting standards. We value Crystal Education as equally as the sourcing of the most beautiful Crystals on Earth.

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