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Choosing crystals can be selected either intuitively (what appeals to you most and listening to your inner, wordless wisdom) or strategically (with a specific purpose in mind, recommendations, information from books) or a combination of both. You can practice trusting your native intuition by selecting a few crystals that really “speak” to you without knowing their names or what their properties are. You will be amazed how accurate your intuition can be! A little research or asking a knowledgeable source at Bliss Crystals can guide you in the right direction.

In themselves, crystals are at the least neutral (they don't take sides) and at their best, they are powerful companions for your life journey. Crystals are always used for the greatest good, and that is why programming them (setting their intention) is part of the process. There is no wrong way to use them, but there are many helpful hints to make the most of their innate healing powers. 

If a crystal is not the best choice for a condition, it will not make the condition any worse, but it may not help it specifically either. However, since most crystals have many positive healing qualities, in general they are therapeutic even if you may not know their specific effect. It is best to gain a little knowledge to best serve you. For example, if you feel fatigued or down, choosing an energizing crystal (such as Carnelian or Citrine) would be preferable to selecting a more tranquilizing crystal such as Amethyst or Lepidolite.

Yes, of course! In fact using complementary crystals is one of the best ways to create a strong healing energy. For example if you have insomnia, pairing Amethyst, Lepidolite, Blue Lace Agate, Angelite and Lapis together in a bedtime tumbled stone kit set for under the pillow would combine all of the anti-anxiety and restful qualities of those stones in combination for the best effect. Ideally, you want to find the crystal properties that best express your intention and bring them together as part of your healing circle. 

First thing is to gently cleanse yourself, your environment and your crystals. Get a clean slate going by following our instructions in our section on 5 Easy Way to Cleanse Crystals.

Then, give your crystals a job to do by programming them with your intentions. It is OK if you don't know what your intentions are yet, you can still program them for your highest good and let them start to work their magic.  And it is truly magic how the Universe will bring you what you need most.

Programming and setting intention is the same thing. This means that you attune the crystal to your own energy and needs. Do this by making an explicit invitation (through thought, voice or written) for an energy or goal to manifest in your life.  This could be something short term for a mindset such as "Today I need to remain calm and focused." Or more goal oriented like "Today I will be energized to complete my gym routine."  A long term goal would be along the lines of creating better health or finding a life partner or building a new career. It is always best if you can visualize the intention in terms of what you do WANT to have, rather than what you do NOT want to have happen. By setting an intention with your crystals you can connect to their energy to help you bring your heart's desire into everyday life.

One cardinal rule is to only use crystals for the highest good, even if you are not sure exactly what that might be. Under no circumstance, should you ever attempt to harm anyone or anything using crystals or any other method. This could only be injurious to yourself.

Here is how to get started: Hold a cleansed crystal in your hand or situate it in a special place, sit quietly and allow yourself to attune to its specific energy.

Be open to receive guidance about it. When you are relaxed and in harmony with the stone, state your intention simply and clearly and anchor the intention to the crystal. An example is “My intention is that this Amethyst will help bring a calm mind and help me sleep.” Be creative and speak from your heart. You will intuitively know when the programming is complete.

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