Metaphysical Properties and Meaning of Azurite Crystal

Azurite naturally transports one into a higher awareness state that is conducive to psychic, spiritual, emotional and even creative development. This crystal can be used to clear mental and emotional blocks when used as a meditation companion. Azurite can be especially useful to you if you combine emotionally grounding, psychically attuning and artistic rituals in your practice such as creative journaling, devotional painting or the use of tarot cards. Azurite loves to be integrated with high vibration forms of artistic expression.
Metaphysical Properties and Meaning of Azurite Crystal

The raw Azurite crystal is a truly breath-taking thing to behold, as it glitters darkly with a quiet cognizance all its own. Highly prized by healers and collectors alike for it’s striking prismatic form and a deep midnight indigo color, Azurite can also be wire wrapped for pendants for wear. Having Azurite close at hand invites a subtle opening of energies that is capable of dispelling stagnant energies and stale emotions! This can be especially useful to those with Taurus or Capricorn placements that find it harder to let go of the harder details of the day at times. At the throat chakra, Azurite can calm nerves and inhibitions and aid in day-to-day communications. Azurite works by releasing the fears and phobias that have become entwined in your belief structure, so that you may be free to see the beauty that exists even in the stark red deserts of their origin; this may also have the added benefit of lowering your blood pressure for those of you with hypertension.

When used as a meditation companion frequently, Azurite helps to clear out and remove old mental blocks, leaving you clear and free to expand your horizons and ultimately, fulfill your spiritual potential. Through the release of negative emotions, Azurite can help the body heal patterns of disease like stress indigestion or insomnia. Azurite can be a very useful companion to help resolve and release psychosomatic illnesses, by giving us the courage to face our fears and inviting us into a new pattern. This is a crystal so powerful that even novice users can feel it’s effects just by looking at it! With the help of Azurite, it is possible to break through pre-programmed fears and beliefs more easily. It is said by certain crystal healers that working with Azurite can bring more oxygen into the blood, and circulation into the brain.

Azurite can help to aid the central nervous system in processing information and can be calming to people with sensory issues. Through its association with the Throat Chakra, Azurite can also be used to release sore tension in the throat and clear up any anxiety you may have about public speaking or expressing your truth. For these reasons, and the fact that this crystal has been used as a paint pigment in ancient times, Azurite loves to be combined with grounding forms of ritualized art and expression-including sound. These forms of communications, such as journaling, tarot, singing, chanting, humming, painting or drawing, really amplify the healing effects of Azurite by aiding your emotional and sensory processing.

Azurite is as dynamic as it is beautiful. This crystal can be calming, soothing, and relaxing while also feeling exciting and stimulating your psychic and creative centers! The seemingly oppositional dynamic can help us learn to hold two seemingly opposed concepts in juxtaposition, freeing our psyche of the tension that inner conflicts can create. Azurite releases the obstacles, and invites us with just the right amount of courage to dive-in to our beliefs.


Azurite is a very soft crystal that must be cared for and protected.. Azurite is not commonly used for jewelry without a binding agent due to this soft nature. One of the best ways to utilize the healing properties of Azurite is to set a crystal near your bed, or meditation space. You can also place a piece of Azurite on your Third Eye, this can increase the frequency of psychic dreams and increase your propensity for channeling. This crystal is so energetic that even simply looking at a picture of Azurite can bring a certain inciting feeling of calm. You are always welcome to start slow with Azurite-sometimes opening yourself up to all that information can feel overwhelming!

Azurite resonates specifically with sound and vibration based healing, and is an ideal companion for a sound-bath, kirtan, concert, or drum circle. You can hum and chant with your Azurite, and it responds very well to chants or meaningful groups of words. As the Throat chakra has an association with Azurite, you can also sing! Singing releases emotional energies from the lungs, helps to process grief and moves stale energies away from the heart. This crystal excels at being able to set up workflow. Simply leave in a prominent workspace, and cleanse often! Water is not a suitable choice for cleansing Azurite, you can leave your crystal in the light of the Full Moon, use Salt, Smoke or Sound! To learn more about cleansing crystals, read this!

*CAUTION* Azurite is not a suitable stone for consumption in Elixirs or ritual baths, due to its delicate nature and metal toxicity. The raw form of the stone is also a possible source of particles that are toxic if inhaled.



Azurite crystal has associations with the Throat Chakra and forms of speech and expression both verbal and non-verbal. Azurite is also associated with the Third Eye Chakra and assists us in perception by clearing obstacles formed of stale energies out of the way.


Taurus, Capricorn and Sagittarius. The subtle opening energies can be inviting for Taurus and Capricorn placements who have difficulty letting go, or opening up. The expansive vibration of Azurite is perfect for the traveling truth-seeker Sagittarius, and anyone seeking to expand their philosophy and spiritual horizons. Jupiter watches over the student, as well as the teacher.


Azurite is associated with the benefic planet Jupiter. Like Jupiter, Azurite is concerned with the growth state and can promote knowledge, wisdom and a better grasp of your own philosophy. Jupiter is known for their connection with students of both the spirit and scholarship, the inclination for the kind of travel that will expand your horizons and good fortune.


Azurite is associated with the element of Air. The element of Air represents our thoughts, communications and the biology of our central nervous system. This often includes the fears and traumas that shape our responses to certain situations. This is a nod to the fact that Azurite can help us to transmute old patterns by learning self-awareness, and to start anew.

Essential Oil

There are a variety of essential oils you can pair with your Azurite crystal; there is not one correct pairing, feel free to experiment.

Ash, Clary Sage, Lemon Balm and Sandalwood.

Azurite has associations with the Blue Lotus, the Cornflower and the Orchid.


The Major Arcana Tarot cards that relate to Azurite are 17 The Star, and 14 Temperance. 17 The Star is ruled by Aquarius, the Water Bearer, and is one of the most powerful trauma healing archetypes in the entire deck. The Star symbolizes the strength to obtain healing, the process of healing, and the profound changes that can come of it. 14 Temperance is ruled by Jupiter via Sagittarius, and reminds us that true expansion can only come if we temper our custom experience to meet our own needs.

Ethical Crystal Mining + Harvesting Practices

The mining practices and ethics that were involved in the extraction of your crystal will always have an effect on the healing energies of the crystal! For more information on ethical mining and crystal harvesting practices, click here.

We hope this adds to your love and knowledge of the ancient and alluring Azurite crystal! For more articles on Azurite Crystal:


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*** Crystal healing is not a suitable replacement for regular visits to your physician or therapist, rather a complementary article to the process. If you are experiencing symptoms, please see a doctor immediately. Results of crystal healing may vary person to person, not all results will be the same. The claims made in the above statement are not intended to be curative and are not approved by the FDA.

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