12 Crystals for Cancer Season

Here are some crystal recommendations for the astrological Zodiac sign of Cancer, from the experts here at Bliss Crystals. Whether you or a significant other have Cancer placements or just need a little extra support while the Sun tours the astrological house of Cancer, we’ve got your back.

12 Crystals  for Cancer Season


Cardinal Water Sign (June 21st-July 22nd)

The beginning of Summer is marked by the Solstice that takes place on or around June 21st, marking the height of the longest daylight hours in a year. In Western Tropical astrology, Cancer Season is when the Sun takes their annual tour through the Zodiac sign of Cancer through the months of June and through to July 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere. If you were born in this period, then your Sun sign is probably Cancer! Think long summer nights, heat and humidity, family barbecues, spending a lot of time with family and friends. There could be swimming at the lake, floating down the river, walking on the beach, or if you don’t have access to a natural body of water; hitting a pool on days where you dry off after 5 minutes of being in the sun. In the Southwestern United States these are hot dry months until the monsoons come and drench everything if it’s a good year. It’s no wonder that this Cardinal Water Sign is associated with the beginning of Summer, and that Cancers are associated with the Crab, or your hard-shelled pinchy water creature of choice!


Cancer season is June 21st-July 22nd which is when the Sun tours through the Zodiac sign of Cancer, every Summer in the Northern hemisphere. This also happens to be the time of year when we celebrate the Independence of the United States of America, on the 4th of July, making the entire Nation of the USA Cancerian by natal chart. The celebration of our country’s independence often includes comfort food and a lot of it in the form of typical hamburgers, hot dogs, (or tofu dogs if that’s your jam) potato salad and desserts, home gatherings with lots of friends and family and maybe a cold beverage! These are all very Cancerian feels. Cancer is associated with emotions and nourishment; Cancer also values comfort and rules the house, home and the family and is associated with food and nourishment of all kinds. There’s a lot riding on the emotions of the people that are close to you in this 4th of July barbecue metaphor; when you are all together and a portion of your friends and/or family are probably (at least partially) inebriated in some way.

It can be hard to let go of thoughts or feelings sometimes, hence the pinchy water creature of choice analogy. Crabs will pinch you with their little claws, and never let go! This happens especially when that hard, judgemental shell Cancer is so famous for is slowing the process of forgiving and forgetting. Luckily there are some beautiful crystal allies that make great partners for the sweet Moonchild Cancer that can alleviate a lot of emotional stress. Even when they are moody or sad, Cancers can be very sweet but they are not always! Cross them or mess with someone they love and you will see another side to Cancer. They love fiercely and are loyal companions that will fight if backed into a corner. Since they are a Cardinal Water sign, they are very good at starting things that they are emotionally inclined to do, but they may need some help following through to complete the project or examining what is coming up for them around this, and why.


Below is a list of crystals and gemstones associated with the sign of Cancer, who is represented by the crab. These can be monthly birthstones, crystals with relevant astrological ties, or simply related practical tools for the Zodiac sign of Cancer to utilize.




Moonstone is associated with Cancerian astrology. The Moon is the astrological ruler of Cancer, so is it any surprise that Moonstone makes the list? ( Nope.) Astrologically the Moon rules over our inner and invisible worlds and attends to your daily needs as well as long-term ones. Moonstone is said to influence fertility as well as luck. Cancers are natural caregivers and nurturers, but sometimes they need a little reminder to tend to their own needs as well. Cancer can get stuck playing Mom for everybody if they are not careful! Moonstone can activate intuition and mindfulness as well as help to balance Cancer’s inner world with their outer world. This beautiful crystal is said to be made of solid moonbeams in the Hindi tradition and can aid in manifesting one’s intuitive gifts to their highest potential.



Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July. This blazing gem is the color of romance, passion, love, and represents strength and courage. It takes strength and courage to open your heart to love, and Ruby can help those Cancers who may have been hurt before to open up a little. Cancer is entirely preoccupied with the notion of safety, even subconsciously so a lot of the time. We make decisions based on how safe we feel in a certain situation, and the decisions we make in fear or lack of comfort or safety are almost never the kinds of decisions that will align us with our highest authentic selves. Ruby works with the Root and Heart Chakra to make us feel safe and secure, alleviate our stress, dial into our hearts and summon up the courage it takes to allow real intimacy.



Cancer is a water sign and shares a connection with all forms of water, but resonates largely with the ocean and the ebbing and flowing tide. Like water, Cancer’s emotions can be stagnant and start breeding mosquitoes, and they can also be a buoyant river that flows into a giant waterfall cascade. Being the homebodies that they are, Cancer isn’t always looking for excitement and different perspectives to shake things up. They have a routine, a favorite haunt or a favorite mug, a certain way they like doing things and can be resistant to change at times. This tendency to rebel against change is almost never productive; the only thing that never changes is that there is always change occurring on some level. The energy of Chrysocolla is like the ocean, beautiful and dynamic. This crystal energy isn't a reflecting pool where the only movement you get is from ripples and water bugs, this is an all-out surf with giant crashing waves that tumble onto the beach just to get sucked back out again. This oceanic blue crystal brings the dynamic yet calming energy of the ocean that can help Cancer adapt to change without getting negative.



Pearl is the birthstone for Cancers born in June. Pearl energy is a reminder that sometimes even the most uncomfortable of situations can bear luscious fruit or (literally) even glittering pearls. This gem began its life cycle as a very irritating speck of sand, shell or rock that worms its way into the shell of a certain species of clam, mussel or oyster. Over the course of months to several years this speck is transformed into a luscious pearl by the mollusk, who coats it with a special fluid to make it more tolerable to live with! It is no secret that Cancer adores being comfortable and at ease in their own space and this beautiful gem can be a reminder that growth happens outside of the comfort zone. Pearl has a beautiful touch here, because this gemstone can help us shift our perspective when we are experiencing hard times or less than ideal circumstances. What can start out as a rock in our shoe can ultimately end up yielding a divine pearl! Because this gem is inextricably linked to the ocean and the element of water, Pearl can help us transform our emotions to better support a wholesome life for ourselves.



Amethyst is a birthstone for Pisces, but is an essential gemstone for all water signs. Because they are so invested in their emotions, water signs have a tendency to feel deeper than the other signs; this can lead to bouts of moodiness, impulsivity and sadness. Amethyst is a soothing embrace from an old friend that can help keep the crabbiness away from the Crabs in your life! Calming and restorative, Amethyst helps Moonchildren live their best lives by helping them do what they do best. Full of compassion, intuition and grace, this crystal is a perfect match for the sign of Cancer. Amethyst fosters clarity, tranquility and wisdom in times when the little claws want to come out! Cancers can sometimes have a hard time “letting go” and Amethyst can greatly aid in releasing these emotional grudges.



Cancers may seem like they are all hardshell all the time, but they are really just using it as a facade to distract you from their tenderness and sensitivity. If you or a Cancer you know are an introvert that has difficulty asserting yourself consider making a relationship with a Fire Agate Crystal! This fiery gem can help dispel feelings of fear and doubt and can ultimately leave a Moonchild feeling warmer and more safe and secure in their surroundings; this leads to more self-confidence, self-esteem and helps to disperse any remaining traces of self-consciousness. Fire Agate is a prime crystal for feeling empowered and passionate about the life you are currently living. This may seem out of sorts for a Water Sign, but the two elements of Fire and Water work together to carve out balance on the emotional axis. If you are feeling overly emotional and depressed, a shot of fire may help to get you back on track.



Alternatively if you are feeling too amped up or are having anger issues or experiencing particularly fiery emotions, crystals that are associated with the element of Water are more of the direction you want to go. Blue Chalcedony is another beautiful crystal that conjures up coastal images of a beckoning oceanic view. This crystal represents harmony, tranquility and soothes the full seafoam-flecked depth of human emotions. Like the waves, some emotions are bigger than others, and even gain momentum to crash against the shore of experience. Blue Chalcedony can help us avoid overreacting in an emotional state, and is particularly very valuable to those who hyper-fixate on worry. Cancer truly cares about their relationships with others and has a tendency to worry about others, and though it is in good heart, this also takes energy. This crystal helps to conserve our energy from emotional labor when it matters.



Here is another fierce complimentary crystal for Cancerian energy. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is linked with the ever-changing phase of the Moon and tides of the ocean, which ebbs and flows. As a Cardinal sign, Cancer plays strong at the forefront of the game, but as time goes on they can start to wear themselves out and become frazzled. Cancer ebbs and flows with the tide, and as your emotional tide ebbs you can consider calling on stronger energies for protection. Red Jasper is also known as the Supreme Nurturer and has a knack for imparting stamina and endurance on the wearer. As our energy fades out with the tide and we approach the end of a cycle, we may find it difficult to make decisions and Red Jasper can help. This is another “worry stone” that can help us recognize when we are worrying about something that is completely out of our control so instead we can focus on building solutions.



Amber is not a crystal so-to-speak, but actually fossilized tree sap resin. This beautiful fossil can be like your own personal sun on a rainy day! The vital energy of Amber keeps the vibe from getting soggy or stuck in the mud while promoting warmth, joy and sunny confidence. Working with Amber may even reveal the humorous side to your Cancer! Amber energy works to build self-confidence and optimism as well as gently drawing out any unwanted negativity from the body and environment. Amber can help us remember how to be spontaneous, and this is something that can be very useful to the cranky homebody Crab who lives for comfort and convenience. There is joy all around us, and if we are stuck in a rut and going through tough times, we can forget how to relate to it. Amber can bring the sunshine back for the Cancers (who may have forgotten the good times) and have been living under gray skies.



As the Cardinal Water Sign, Cancer is the first sign of the Zodiac to start engaging intimately with the span of human emotions. As such, there is a profound emphasis on the world of emotions and relationships for Cancer! Rhodonite is known as the “emotional first aid crystal” and can help Moonchild grow and develop more emotional intelligence. Sometimes when we suffer losses it feels easier to shut ourselves down and reject anything coming our way. It is more than okay to take time for yourself and is a perfectly normal reaction, but in reality this also delays the time it takes to actually feel, heal and make peace with what has happened to us. Rhodonite can help us to heal any scars from old wounds to our hearts, and this can open us up to new friendships and new roads. Rhodonite promotes forgiveness for the self-and others, while encouraging altruism and love for all of humanity.



Pink Calcite is a tender loving stone associated with Angelic Beings and unconditional love. In the same vein as Rhodonite, Pink Calcite can hold us gently enough that we may forget past transgressions. When we forgive and forget we open ourselves up to universal healing and the unconditional love of the Earth. Pink Calcite knows how to infuse peace and well-being into your life so that you can show up as your best self. This nurturing stone knows how to protect your heart and your sacred emotions, and this is something that Cancer will benefit from. This is an ideal stone for you or your loved ones if you need a little tranquil serenity. Have you been feeling burnt out from care-taking others and need a little care-taking yourself? Pink Calcite is the crystal for you!



This rather Mercurial member of the Quartz family has inclusions running through it like molten threads. The element of Water is associated with the sign of Cancer. Water is not the most organized of all elements, as it has a tendency to flow wherever the landscape takes it without thinking anything of it. Rutilated Quartz can help Cancer to organize their thoughts and sharpen their focus so that they can direct their flow and show up in the world better. This crystal is energetically uplifting and detoxifying for the nervous system. Meditating with Rutilated Quartz can boost your healing and inspire your creative process to reach new heights.

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