12 Crystals for Leo Season

Here are some crystal recommendations for the astrological Zodiac sign of Leo, from the experts here at Bliss Crystals. Whether you or a significant other have Leo placements or just need a little extra support while the Sun tours the astrological house of Leo, we’ve got your back. 

12 Crystals  for Leo Season


Fixed Fire Sign (July 21st-August 22nd)

In Western Tropical astrology, Leo Season is when the Sun takes their annual tour through the Zodiac sign of Leo on July 22nd and all the way through to August 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere. If you were born during this period, then your Sun sign is probably Leo! The fixed fire sign of Leo is all about heart; Leos are widely known for their big-hearted shenanigans. They like being the center of attention, showing up for their friends and family and flirting shamelessly! This time of the year is the hottest of the Summer season and all the flowers are out in full regalia, basking in the attention of any spectators. You know who else wants to bask in your attention? Definitely Leo!


Leo season is July 22st-August 22nd which is when the Sun tours through the Zodiac sign of Leo, every Summer in the Northern hemisphere. Landscape colors are bright and true, the Sun is hot and the nights are still long and full of chirping crickets and frog song; the world is ALIVE with insects, plants and animals. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so it makes sense that Leo Season is the hottest time of the year. This fixed fire sign is also associated with romance, so turn up the heat!

The sign of Leo is associated with the Lion and is known to have extraordinary amounts of courage and bravery. Because Leo is a fixed sign, people born under this sign do not waver when it comes to knowing what they want and how to go get it! The other side to the Lion is that sometimes they can forget that the world doesn’t literally revolve around them, and may need a gentle reminder from time to time. Mostly they are very loving, fiercely loyal and compassionate. Leo season means it is the best time of the year to gather with your friends, sneak out to see your lovers and generally just get up and go play!


Below is a list of crystals and gemstones associated with the sign of Leo, who is represented by the Lion. These can be monthly birthstones, crystals with relevant astrological ties, or simply related practical tools for the Zodiac sign of Leo to utilize.




Pyrite is known for its reflective exuberance and sunny disposition. This Sun-ruled crystal can help Leo shine their brightest without ever getting too close to the actual sun, so to speak. A little bit of sunshine is nice, but too much can end up causing a sunburn or heat stroke which is never fun. The myth of Icarus of the wax wings comes to mind; nothing good ever happens when you fly too close to the sun. This is an ideal stone to charge-up creativity and protect Leo from harmful negativity and to help them shine their beautiful light without blinding themselves, or others. Pyrite is actually used in the construction of solar power panels so you can literally recharge with Pyrite without having to tap into the grid!



This rare tempestuous beauty is known for its high spiritual vibration and ability to help with healing ancestral wounds. Pietersite can help to keep the Lion aligned with their highest self, while gently guiding them to access their true potential. Often called the “Vision Stone,”this is an amazing crystal for intuitives and psychics of all stripes and can be used as a beacon through the storm during vision quests and other metaphysical journeys. In times of hardship and transformation, Pietersite can be an essential ally. When you need deep metaphysical insight you can count on, you can turn to Pietersite! For this reason, you will see many Tarot readers keep Pietersite around their cards. Read the signs Leo, Pietersite wants to be your best friend.



Peridot is an effervescent green crystal that is just full of life and clarity! This crystal can act like a lantern when it comes to choosing different paths to explore. Peridot can help Leo forecast their dreams into the future and engage in creating every day steps to reaching their goals. Peridot is an amazing cleansing stone and acts as a protective cloak for the aura of the wearer. Ancient cultures believed that this crystal could keep away evil spirits, and Leo can wear Peridot to ward off arrogance and egotism, as it reinforces the tendency to look to your highest self for guidance.



Turquoise is an amazing gemstone for enhancing communication and intuition. It is important for Leo to stay aligned with their highest vibrations, and Turquoise will help Leo to speak their truth with clarity and ease. Turquoise is such a popular and essential communication stone that the English language adopted the word “Turquoise” to refer to that particular hue of greenish blue. Very few minerals are notorious enough that we pick them up in everyday language; gold, silver and copper being among the more popular examples. If you want to speak your truth Leo, in ways that benefit you and those around you; wear this gorgeous mineral at your Throat Chakra.



Ruby is the blushing birthstone of July! This popular gemstone excels in dabbling with matters of the heart. This crystal is as red as the sunset after a fire, and is a fiercely compassionate ally when it comes to inspiring you to love and in return, be loved. Ruby is full to the brim with devoted admiration and the kind of full-hearted love that only Leos know. It takes bravery and courage to be authentic, and true intimacy requires authenticity. Fortifying and fiery, this gemstone excels at opening the heart and will keep you open to the possibilities that surround you. For Leos with holes in their pockets, Ruby can help you to retain your wealth.



Black Tourmaline is a ferocious stone with powerful effects that has been used for protection for thousands of years. The color of this crystal is sharp black and even has a kind of a mirror-sheen effect that dazzles in the light. This is how Black Tourmaline works; it can literally reflect harmful negativity and the thoughts and words of others who wish you harm. This crystal is extremely grounding, and Leos can use Black Tourmaline to make sure they are living their best life full-heartedly! It’s hard to be authentic and warm-hearted when you’re getting the stink eye! Black Tourmaline can help to guide you through necessary confrontations and communications with clarity and profound grace.



This amorphous beauty was born of fire like Leo, who is the Fixed Fire sign of the Zodiac. This mystical tektite was produced in the impact of a particular German meteorite, which heated and cooled surrounding silica molecules, turning them into a form of metamorphic glass. When it comes from that one specific Meteorite impact, this meteorite glass can be called Moldavite. Moldavite can take the heat, and can help to enlighten the Lion’s drives and passions. Sometimes the fire can be all consuming; Moldavite knows how to communicate the values and ideals of total transformation to Leo. Moldavite is perfect for Lions who want to be more present with their all-consuming passion.



Selenite signifies truth and purity. This magical crystal can help to guide Leo on a quest for self-control, which if gained through hard work will aid tremendously through the rest of life. This tranquil stone is soothing, peaceful and can help calm emotions and cleanse negativity that may be causing Leo any pain; this in turn, leads to a Lion that is able to be more selfless and remain present with their highest energies. This is also an excellent choice as a bed-time companion to aid with lucid dreaming, calm insomnia and ensure that Leo wakes up feeling fresh. A Leo that is rested and ready for love is a happy Leo!



The stunning Amethyst Quartz is a gemstone that is probably one of the single most popular crystals throughout history. Beloved by ancient peoples, they were valued as highly as Diamonds for a time being. Amethyst can help to keep Leo clear-eyed and level-headed while they tap into and follow their hearts. This gemstone also excels at coaxing Leo onto a spiritual path by drawing out any drama or over-exuberance that might be complicating the matter in the present. Amethyst can keep Leo from turning into too much of an egotist and from starting to believe that they are above others.



What do Citrine Quartz and Leo have in common? Why, being an actual beam made of sunlight of course. Citrine is prized for amping up vibrational frequencies and helping us as humans live enchanted lives. This radiant gemstone detoxifies and cleanses while naturally supporting brilliant Leo energy like the Sun supports a sunflower. Citrine is an excellent choice for Lions who wish to turn their creative passions into service to others in the world. Along the way on the journey, Citrine can also boost the creativity and charisma that makes Leo so endearing and charming to others!



The Zodiac sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun as a Fixed Fire sign, so naturally the namesake of the Sun finds its way to being on our list. The alluring Sunstone can help to manifest the more positive expressions of the element of Fire. These expressions are bravery, courage, positive and dynamic leadership that is for the people, and not as an attempt to control for self-gain. Leos can use the Sunstone as a trusted ally if they wish to become the best leader they can be. This crystal can help Leo to learn patience as well as tolerance of other forms of being. Along the way, this crystal can lend self-empowerment, joy while alleviating feelings of anger or fear.



This magnetic mineral is one of the most profound tools for grounding and metaphysical protection in the natural world. From the Greek word that means “blood,” this crystal is derived from rust-colored Iron, which is one of the central molecules in human blood. The sign of Leo is linked with the heart which of course has quite the relationship with heme and blood. Hematite is strongly grounding and can help remind you to stay in your lane! For Leos, this choice of mineral can help prevent conflicts from the heart, such as jealousy or overreaching boundaries. For a Fixed Fire sign like Leo, the calming and cooling affectation of Hematite can be the difference between instigating a conflict or keeping your cool.

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