12 Crystals for Aries Season

Here are some crystal recommendations for the astrological Zodiac sign of Aries from the experts here at Bliss Crystals. These crystal recommendations are perfect for you, a friend, or a significant other, whether you are an Aries, or just need a little extra support from March 21st-April 19th…
12 Crystals for Aries Season


Cardinal Fire Sign (March 21st-April 19th)

In Western Tropical astrology Aries Season is when the Sun takes its annual tour through the Zodiac sign of Aries. The shift from Pisces to Aries happens on March 20th and is active all the way through to April 19th. If you were born during this period, then your Sun sign is most likely Aries! Astrologically speaking, Aries Season is during this period when the Sun is traveling through the sign of Aries. This season typically starts around March 21st and runs until April 19th in Tropical Astrology. The fierce sign of Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign and is known for their rebellious nature and penchant for conflict. Aries can also be really sweet and charming too, in the right circumstances and with the right capacity for reflection. This sign is ruled by Mars. People with Aries placements are often exemplary athletes, members of the military, firefighters and first responders, and sales managers.

The Sun is exalted in Aries, an astrological term to emphasize the dignity or confidence of any certain planet. People with Sun in Aries are blessed with a Warrior spirit that is fierce, and these people are more inclined to find their way in the world through acts of courage, bravery and passion. This placement’s energy is not afraid of conflict and can help us to realize that we will always have to deal with conflict; so that it may be beneficial to develop some sort of graceful relationship to it without seeking it out. The difficulty Aries can face relate to their tendency to put on a “me first” attitude that results in pushy or forceful behavior that comes off as totally arrogant. It is necessary for Aries to learn that though they may feel individually sustained, the truth is that we all depend on one community or another. There is no such thing as true independence when you acknowledge the whole of the community that it was built on. Family, friends, ancestors, beings and forces of nature are all essential to the certain image of independence that appeals so, meaning that we are never actually alone and each of our actions is supported by an abundance of other beings and decisions.


The sign of Aries is represented by the ram and is the First House of the Zodiac. In astrology, the First House is representative of the Ascendant which is a mathematical point that represents our own self, body, and how we view ourselves. This is an important house because it rules conscious thought, your personality and the presentation it manifests in. Aries Season is a glorious invitation to embark on an adventure with no other agenda than to learn something about one’s self. This is also the vernal Spring Equinox that brings tides of life rushing back to the land, and the budding of the leaves on the trees, life returns to the upward realms of the planet. Elements of Nature that have been long dormant through the winter wake up for another glorious growing season. Aries energy is the vital energy that wakes the first flower bulbs and punches a hole through the earth with a mighty tendril in a desperate attempt to meet the rising sun. Aries energy WILL meet that Sun, and there is nothing anybody else can do about it. This sign is known for its potential to be hot headed, but also in some circumstances great leaders with a high capacity for independent thought and the ability to impart strategies with intent.


Below is a list of crystals and gemstones associated with the sign of Aries! Aries is represented by the symbol of the ram. These can be monthly birthstones, crystals with relevant astrological ties, or simply related practical tools to use for the Zodiac Season of Aries.



RubyRuby is a birthstone that can lend Aries a wave of personal confidence as well as working to engage in a more empathetic manner. Ruby energy works with the Root or Base Chakra to establish personal value and security, and is also known as a stone of sexual passion and fertility. For Aries, Ruby can temper their hotheadedness and help to keep feelings of lust, anger and frustration from outpouring onto the people around them. This beautiful gemstone can enhance goal-setting and motivation to make sure that Aries meets their highest aspirations. Shop for Ruby here
Herkimer DiamondHerkimer Diamonds are softer than true diamonds and are actually a manifestation of Quartz! As such, this crystal is an energetic amplifier that works with Aries to keep them in a more positive mindset, even while working through the bumpy spots that the road of life has to offer. This luminous stone has so many lovely assets to share with Aries and can help to guide them to a higher path and diminish feelings of frustration and irritability. Shop for Herkimer Diamond here
Lion's Paw Shell

Lion’s Paw is a radiant coral-colored scallop shell with bumps and ridges and a coarse texture. Seashells embody Venusian energies and the tranquility of the ocean, but also the fierce vital forces of the creatures that inhabit it and brave the waves every day. Aries especially in leadership positions can benefit from working with this shell as it can aid in their capacity to balance power and serenity to create environments of enthusiasm and harmony. Shop for Lion’s Paw here



A gentle yet industrious grounding stone, Unakite imparts strength and emotional wisdom. This multi-toned flecked mineral enhances Aries’ ability to temper their own emotions, embrace the growth mindset which is really important for change of the self and the world around you.  This mineral can help build self-esteem and also to encourage compromises. An out of balance Aries can get a little authoritarian, and Unakite is the perfect stone to remind Aries that they have a heart and that they actually like using it! Shop for Unakite here



Kunzite is a light-colored crystal that shines in all manners of pinks, taupes and earthy yellows and lilacs. This crystal is a rare one that can encourage Aries to lose that arrogance and to embrace humility (which is not easy!) This attribute may also convince Aries that they could benefit from dedicating energy to the service of others. This crystal works by restoring gentle tranquility so that we can peacefully work to release all the emotional debris from Crown and Third-Eye Chakra that we don’t need anymore. Shop for Kunzite here



Jasper comes in a veritable rainbow of possible colors ranging from green, to red, to lighter yellow, pinks, creams (as well as the darker colors) can be an amazingly grounding presence for Aries. Jasper can bring strength and fortitude to all. Jasper resonates with Aries by unifying the beneficial aspects of Aries. Working with this mineral can enhance strength of conviction, and reinforce endurance. If Aries is feeling a little too frazzled to remember to be mindful, Jasper can be of use to get their head out of the clouds and back into their body. Shop for Jasper here


Pink Tourmaline

This magnificent crystal ranges from soft pink hues to tending more towards hot pink. As an aphrodisiac Pink Tourmaline can promote self-love, compassion for others and a general sense of emotional intelligence. Aries can learn to use these attributes while engaging in relationships with others to protect their own wellbeing, and the wellbeing of others. This gem enhances Aries’ ability to be mindful of their emotions and can keep them open to finding solutions. Shop for Pink Tourmaline here



Chrysoprase is a member of the Quartz family; a variety of Chalcedony that exists in magnificently bright hues of flecked apple green and yellow. This gemstone brings powerful regeneration energy for the heart and core. Chrysoprase is a brilliant crystal for working with the inner child, as it enhances our ability to participate in awe of the world around you. This energy encourages clarity and the act of forgiveness of ourselves and others.  Chrysoprase can bring insight into the egotistical motivations of Aries and the opportunity for realignment. Shop for Chrysoprase here



Garnet is yet another red crystal showing up for the cardinal fire sign of Aries! This crystal’s name is Latin for ‘Pomegranate’ and refers to the jewel’s deep ruby depths. Garnet is known as a gemstone of devotion and is used to enhance loyalty to one’s self as well as others. Garnet can open the heart and aid in releasing shame, guilt and work through layers of trauma. This blushing jewel’s energies can increase Aries’ capacity to stay motivated and focused on the topic at hand. Shop for Garnet here


White Aventurine

White Aventurine is a wonderful crystal that is capable of helping Aries to create more space for themselves as they really are. This extra space encourages them to accept themselves and their own flaws in a compassionate manner. The tranquil energy of White Aventurine enhances the ability to release any frustrations, and frees up our energies for more positive undertakings. This beautiful white glittering crystal soothes and calms, but without limiting motivation or energy. Shop for White Aventurine here


AmethystAmethyst is one of the most well-known and beloved purple members of the glittering Quartz family. Sometimes all that forward-directional motivation can get to Aries, and they can become overwrought or burnt out. This is when Aries needs to turn inwards to tend to the self, and Amethyst can be useful here. The relaxing spell of Amethyst can promote stress-relief and mental clarity. These qualities can enhance decision making skills and emotional capacity. Shop for Amethyst here


Fire Agate

Fire Agate is another member of the Quartz family, forged from Chalcedony. This crystal, like Aries, has energetically stimulating properties and a fierce penchant for creativity and passion. The nature of this crystal is stimulating as well as protective. Fire Agate lends a certain feeling of safety which allows Aries to feel pumped up and capable of spelunking the depths of their own emotional and energetic experience. Self-reflection is truly Aries' best friend. Shop for Fire Agate here

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