1 RED JASPER Mini Stone 28 gm Parcel #JS033


1 RED JASPER Mini Stone 28 gm Parcel #JS033

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Red Jasper means super strength, stability, and courage in the face of any challenge. This stone originates from South Africa with bright red color and contrasting veins of brilliant earth tones - red, salmon, pink, orange, and grey/black. It is associated with the Root Chakra and stability. Red Jasper can be used to resolve feelings of insecurity, fear, and phobias and to develop a strong grounding in one's physical body. Kids, in particular, are fascinated and drawn to Red Jasper and it is ideal for their young, developing egos, self-confidence, and kindness to others.

These are the perfect size for medicine bags, medicine wheels, and accenting larger crystals in body layouts and grids. Use them in Feng Shui practice to accent and enhance the beauty of spaces and objects. Try scattering around plants, to enhance the look of candle or incense settings. They are beautifully grouped in your favorite glass dishes or art glass. On a table, put some around any natural objects to call attention to them and create beautiful energy. In crafts, I have used them in mandalas, set inside clear polymer to make a design of any kind. They are great for creating custom jewelry, wire cages, wire wraps. I have posted some pictures above to give you some ideas. Remember, your imagination is the only limit! Important common sense note: don't allow young children to play with these or put them in their mouths. Could be a choking hazard.

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