Citrine is a remarkable crystal that evokes the beauty of a sunny day and brings joy and love. This gorgeous golden stone is composed of silicon dioxide, or Quartz, and is part of the larger Quartz family. Its hexagonal structure is striking, and it has been beloved by people for centuries! Whether you choose to keep a piece of Citrine on you, or simply admire its beauty, it is sure to bring an uplifting energy to your life.


Also called the Merchant’s Stone, this crystal is very useful when doing manifestation work or simply trying to attract positivity into one’s own life. Place a Citrine in your wallet or next to a safe to promote financial abundance. Citrine Quartz is an accomplished meditation partner, and can help promote abundance of open-minded thought. Citrine excels at aiding communication, as well as emotional balance and refinement.

Citrine encourages energy and stimulation without tempting you with the possibility of burn out or ungrounding! This beautiful gem is able to help clear bad moods or destructive tendencies, making this crystal a favorable friend to keep readily close at hand and available. If you have a bad temper or a short fuse, this mineral may prove to be an effective ally at helping you to transmute anger into a constructive force, tempering down any destructive tones with the luminous emotional clarity and soothing imagination of Citrine Quartz.

Is Citrine A Birthstone?

Topaz, another tawny yellow gemstone along with Citrine Quartz, represent the November birthstone! These two gems are the most popular yellow jewels on the market. Natural Citrine is rarely found in nature, most Citrine Quartz on the market is Amethyst Quartz that has been utterly and beautifully transformed by the element of fire! Heat treated Amethyst Quartz can appear in shades of gold to vibrant orange that are a truly lovely sight to behold.

Crystal Energy

What is the meaning of citrine? 

Citrine is regarded as the “lightstone,” and is associated with the Sun, in addition to the solar-ruled Zodiac sign of Leo the lion. This incandescent crystal serves to illuminate our lives, much like the Sun does. Many new facets of life and emotional experience are revealed when you get a chance to see them under the light of the luminous sun. Working with the Citrine crystal gives us a chance to better know ourselves inside and out, and by knowing ourselves more deeply, we are given the gift of being able to transmute heavy emotions like anger, jealousy, negativity into emotional forms that may serve us better in life.



Topaz and Citrine together represent the November birthdays of Scorpio and Sagittarius. This time of the year in the Northern hemisphere, the days are very short and the nights are long and cold. The winter is a time of reflection and integration. It’s days like these where it’s important to remember to at least try to be optimistic sometimes, and Citrine can help.

For the Scorpio who is no stranger to self-exploration and who is not afraid of the dark misty caverns inside, Citrine acts as a literal flashlight to cut through the gloom. With Citrine along, it is easier to transmute the hard emotions that can make life difficult sometimes. The added benefit of this is a boost of determination, and that it is harder to get stuck for long when you do end up in an emotional cavern you didn’t mean to enter and might not like so much. Sometimes these menacing caves are our best opportunities to learn about ourselves, and Citrine can help put that into perspective for you.

For the buoyant and Jupiterian Sagittarius, Citrine can bolster your motivation, and prosperity while lending agency and creativity to the wearer. Sagittarius may not be as far deep underground as Scorpio, but are certainly no novice in the art of bush-whacking and trailblazing. In the pursuit of adventure, Citrine Quartz can prove to be the ultimate ally to any sign of the zodiac!



Citrine is famous for existing in shades of tawny golden yellow and brownish to reddish orange! Neutral versions of this stone exist too, in browns, taupes and the earthy tan color that goes with literally anything. 

Citrine’s bright colors are created by traces of iron oxidizing within the crystal’s structure during the formation process. You can create strikingly beautiful tones of golden yellow and ochre by heating another member of the Quartz family such as Smoky Quartz or Amethyst. These crystals are heated to a certain temperature, and the color appears in a blaze of science and magic! (These are more often than not, two sides of the same coin.) These flamed colors are generally more vivid than the pale canary of the rarer natural Citrine, and are just as resounding when it comes to seeking clarity and calmness. This alchemical heat treatment also allows for lab-grown specimens to be sourced and this procedure also removes any of the danger from the mining process making it a clear ethical alternative! 

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*** Crystal healing is not a suitable replacement for regular visits to your physician or therapist, rather a complementary article to the process. If you are experiencing symptoms, please see a doctor immediately. Results of crystal healing may vary person to person, not all results will be the same. The claims made in the above statement are not intended to be curative and are not approved by the FDA.

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