Heavenly! 1 XL AQUA AURA Quartz Tumbled Stone Extra Quality
Heavenly! 1 XL AQUA AURA Quartz Tumbled Stone Extra ... from $24.00
A rare and special treat! Heavenly blue Aqua Aura Quartz with flashes of sunshine, like angels dancing in the sky. I just LOVE Aqua Aura and I know you will too! You are buying ONE (1) beautiful AQUA AURA QUARTZ Tumbled Stone Crystal that is from the same lot as the stones pictured. This is a gorgeous iridescent and very sparkly Aqua Aura handpicked crystal stone in an Extra High Quality Quartz Crystal. It has been polished smooth and feels wonderfully cooling in the hand. There are gorgeous shimmery crystalline inclusions inside to reflect light and a beautiful light blue Aqua & Rainbow sheen over the whole piece. So beautiful! It is one of my favorite crystals to use for meditation and a shot of happiness when I feel down or tired. It really lifts me up quickly and easily. The first photo shown above is the Larger sizes, and the second photo is the smaller sized stones. Size: Extra Large = Approximately 1.1" length chunkyWeight:10 - 17 gm each*Listing is by weight, you choose exact weight you want. The Aqua Aura process is completed by placing an original ice clear Quartz Tumbled Stone in a vacuum chamber and then bonded with heat and pressure to a gold vapor which results in the rainbow reflecting iridescent, aqua color. So in spite of having an artificially created color, Aqua Aura is intense and beautiful. It is a splendid specimen from every angle, front, back and sides and should be displayed to enjoy its beauty with bright light shining through it. It has a very bold and dynamic look. This gorgeous crystal will be a wonderful addition for some lucky collector and is an ideal candidate for wire wrapping.HOW TO USE THIS CRYSTALNotes From My Professional ExperienceIn my healing practice, I often include an Aqua Aura crystal as a gift of deep love and respect for oneself or a loved one. Aqua Aura is RARE and very healing by relieving stress or negativity as well as enhancing communication. It is very helpful in meditation, channeling and psychic protection as well. You can use it for making any kind of healing body layout, grid or use in Feng Shui.
1 AQUA AURA QUARTZ Tumbled Stone Titanium Rainbow Aqua Aura
AQUA AURA QUARTZ Tumbled Stone, DARK Titanium Rainbo... from $8.95
You are buying ONE (1) Dark Titanium Rainbow Aqua Aura Quartz Grade A Tumbled Stone that is from the lot as the stones pictured. You Choose Size.Size: Large = Approx 1.0" - .85" lengthJumbo = Approx 1.5 - 1.1" lengthNatural Stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color. Picture color and clarity may vary on different monitors, mobile devices and color settings.So heavenly they make me swoon! I love rainbows, and these stunning quartz tumbled stones are so lively! I love the mystical feeling of Aura Quartz and keep them right alongside of my natural colors too. It has great rainbow energy for attracting prosperity, happiness and sweetness. Love them! Very similar to the Rose Quartz Aura we offer, but with a little more subtle energy.(Sometimes they are called Opal Aura, same thing....) Yes it has all of the qualities of Clear Quartz greatly enhanced. You fall in love with them and want more of these dreamy gems. They have an other worldly look and feel and I promise, you will love this stone as a treasure for a lifetime! And if you want to make spells, enchantments or wishes, this is the perfect magical stone for your highest good intentions.Aura Quartz is made by placing the natural tumbled stone in a vacuum chamber and bonding titanium and iridium mineral vapors to a section of the stone with heat and pressure. It is a permanent bonding so the color will not come off, it is actually part of the stone. And if you like to make jewelry, this stone will be a stunning wire wrap or pendant! It will certainly get a lot of attention as will your good taste!
AQUA AURA Crystal Information Card Double sided #HC49 AQUA AURA Crystal Information Card Double sided #HC49
AQUA AURA Crystal Information Card, Double sided #HC49 $1.25
You are buying 1 (One) Hand Crafted, Bliss Crystals AQUA AURA Crystal Information Card. These cards have been designed and printed by our shop, backed by years of personal experience in using Healing Crystals. The paper is card stock with a smooth matte finish so it won't show fingerprints.Business Card Size: 3.5" x 2"These cards are ideal for including with a crystal gift or adding to your personal knowledge for your collection, medicine bag, or altar. Tuck this card Crystal Card into your purse, wallet or backpack or keep it at bedside. On the front of the card (pictured) you will find prints of the stone along with its source locations, color variations, along with Chakra and Zodiac associations. On the back of the card (not pictured) you will find the stone's healing uses based on personal experience and legend.May you enjoy wisdom, discernment, and divine guidance on your life's journey!
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Aqua Aura Quartz .70-1’ DT Rough Point in a glass bowl with blue crystals
Aqua Aura Quartz .70 - 1" DT Rough Point #LV3430 $3.95 $6.00
Size: .70 - 1", Approx. 1 - 3g Rough Points make an incredible focal point to any room or desktop. This is an all-natural, rough point right from the earth and has not been polished or cut, but left in its raw state. You can also use it in a medicine wheel or as a healing wand, an extension of your hand to direct and intensify the energy. Pointed away from the body, it draws energy off, and pointed inward it directs energy to the body. So depending on the purpose, it can be used either way.
Aqua Aura Quartz Point Top Drilled Bead 6 pack LV3631 in a white bowl with blue crystals
Aqua Aura Quartz Point Top Drilled Bead 6 pack #LV3631 $6.95
As one of the most abundant crystals on Earth, Quartz is known as the "King of Crystals" and a "Master Healer." It is highly programmable with your intentions and not incidentally the prime component in electronics that now run our world. So use Quartz as your starting point to direct energy to where it will do the most good in life, whether it is for health, for healing, or for manifesting your heart's desires. Although Quartz often looks like ice, it is truly capable of starting real or virtual fires with a laser-like focus, so use it carefully with well-thought-out intentions.

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