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Aqua Aura

Aqua Aura Aqua Aura

Aura Quartz is made by placing a natural quartz crystal in a vacuum chamber and bonding mineral vapors such as platinum, silver, gold and titanium with heat and pressure. It is a permanent bonding so the color will not come off, it is actually part of the stone.  Offer this crystal as a gift of deep love and respect for oneself or a loved one. Aqua Aura is very healing by relieving stress and negativity as well as enhancing communication. Helpful in meditation, channeling and psychic protection. Use it for making any kind of healing body layout, grid or use in Feng Shui. It has an angelic feeling of lightness and joy - for a shot of happiness when you feel down or tired. Although treated, it is a combination of natural quartz crystal and pure gold mineral so it retains all of the healing attributes of its quartz base crystal.

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