Bliss Crystals offers top quality beautiful and inspiring crystals from Mother Earth

Jan working on a new creation.

Jan is the founder of the Bliss Crystals retail and eCommerce stores and the owner of the Bliss Crystals Lapidary shop. Jan is an expert on the metaphysical properties of crystals and is an accomplished crystal healer.

Bliss Crystals is a California custom lapidary shop that specializes in sourcing, hand cutting, polishing and professionally preparing raw and polished minerals for the jewelry designer and collector market. We buy tons of beautiful raw materials from around the world to create a wide variety of top quality crystal gemstones and mixes for collectors, metaphysical healers, artisans, and designers.

We are accomplished crystal healers and have an extensive knowledge of each crystal's metaphysical properties. For us, working with "the rocks" is a labor of love and a daily joy. We feel fortunate to work in such a creative, natural and beautiful environment.

Our showroom is located at 27309 Jefferson Ave # A104, Temecula, CA 92590.  We are open from 10AM to 5PM every day.  Please visit us if you are in the area.

Bliss Crystals Showroom  Virtual Tour