What is Rose Quartz, but a physical representation of embodied true love? Known as “the love stone,” Rose Quartz is another beautiful rose-pink member of the beloved Quartz family (silicon dioxide.) Also known as Hyaline Quartz from the Greek ‘hyalos’ meaning glass. This tender-loving gemstone knows how to caress the heart strings in a way that gently opens up our psyche and encourages us to love and to be fiercely loved in return. Those of you that have ever been in a relationship know without a doubt that sharing intimate moments with someone can be scary and participating in a relationship can be hard; especially if we have ever known related trauma. These moments can be fraught with fear and self-doubt. Through cause and effect these events can also bring about some of the deepest healing work we will be invited to do while on this planet!

As much as we obsess about romantic love in our culture, creating an intimate relationship is hard work that many people would prefer not to do; but without communication, compromise, self-reflection and the mindfulness to know your own experience and core values, relationships can and do fall apart. Rose Quartz is a beautifully compassionate crystal that helps us connect back to ourselves and our core values, our relationships, and our planet through the act of knowing and tending your own heart.


Rose Quartz can help support our agency and keep us in an empathetic state of mind that enables us to relate to our partners better, as well as ourselves. We may be more in touch with our own emotions and able to communicate our own needs better which usually creates more ease in the process of finding and stabilizing a relationship. This crystal is not just for romantic love birds either, Rose Quartz can help bring calm clarity to any kind of relationship! This includes the relationship you have with yourself; mind, body and soul. It can be equally intimate to know one’s self as it is to know another, and the effects of Rose Quartz are not limited toward the human world! This beautiful gem can help you build appreciation for the Earth and your local natural ecosystem as well.

Rose Quartz is a favorable meditation companion when you need a little extra love in your practice. Rose Quartz crystal is also no stranger to your beauty routine, either! Synonymous with love and radiant beauty, this gem has been used for over millennia in cosmetic face masks and tonics. Rose Quartz crystal is known to improve radiance, and lessen wrinkles perhaps by bolstering your calm forgiveness and reducing the need to frown or furrow. This gemstone also has uses during the ritual entombment of the Egyptians; talk about needing your beauty sleep! For the Venusian among us you can purchase rollers and gua sha utensils made from Rose Quartz to bring that glow-from-the-inside-out into your daily beauty routine. See some Rose Quartz products here!

Crystal Energy


Rose Quartz crystal is known as a conduit of unconditional Love with a powerful affinity to the heart and Heart Chakra. One of the most potent ways to wear Rose Quartz is by wearing a pendant that rests near your heart. You can also rest individual stones over your heart while you are laying down, or wear a bracelet of beads. You can also place a Rose Quartz on the nightstand near your bed to bring you dreams of your true love!


Working with the energy of Rose Quartz is like settling in with a warm fuzzy blanket that has been tenderly woven entirely of forgiveness; explicitly from those who you would seek it from the most! A lot of times that person is ourselves, and Rose Quartz can open the door to seeking self-forgiveness and cultivating compassion, while easing any feelings of bitterness, envy or pain that may come up.

Taureans and Librans are Venus-ruled zodiac signs that might particularly enjoy or benefit from the energy of rose quartz. Venusian placements and signs are vulnerable to different forms of over-indulgence at times, and like the Libran tarot card 11 Justice, this magically radiant crystal can help us keep your perspective in balance. And without balance, there are no forms of relationship that are not harmful.



Rose Quartz can appear in many blushing hues! From pale tender pink, to strawberry and even an almost purplish hue, this gemstone with white veins appears in many romantic colors. These colors are painted into the crystal by traces of metal oxides like iron, titanium and manganese that interact with the crystal lattice structure.

Thanks to the aura process, Rose Quartz can also be treated with precious metals that create a dazzling rainbow effect. This process doesn’t diminish the healing power of quartz, it just enhances it. Angel aura is created by bonding gold vapor to quartz. It creates a spectacular blue color while bonding it with titanium vapor gives the titanium aura crystal a multi-colored dichroic sparkle.

For longevity of color keep your Rose Quartz out of the sun to discourage fading. If left in the sun too long, your Quartz will fade back to clear or white Quartz.

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*** Crystal healing is not a suitable replacement for regular visits to your physician or therapist, rather a complementary article to the process. If you are experiencing symptoms, please see a doctor immediately. Results of crystal healing may vary person to person, not all results will be the same. The claims made in the above statement are not intended to be curative and are not approved by the FDA.

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