We are Jan Mathews and Jillian Lange,
Mother and Daughter, Co-founders of

As a Mother-Daughter Team, we represent Mother Earth's Healing Tradition passed down from generation to generation in the form of Crystals, nature's art in stone. We experience Crystals as energetic gem "flowers" that are indelibly stamped with millions of years of growth. They are formed in the dynamic dance of the Earth's mineral crust with fire, water, wind, meteor impacts and the crushing weight of earthquakes, ice and mountains. We find it humbling to hold these Gemstones in our hands and intuitively feel that healing energy from deep within evolutionary space and time.

Jillian is a Certified Yoga Teacher
with a Master's Degree in Environmental Science.

Jan Managed East West Living in NYC. We began our journey as Crystal Guardians in New York City where we were Metaphysical Entrpreneurs and Yoga Teachers at East West Living on 5th Avenue. The demand for crystals in the year 2002 reflected the City's crying need for healing after the 9/11 attack which so deeply scarred residents, businesses and the land itself. This landmark store became a gathering place for spiritual teachers and healers and for New Yorkers of every race, faith and culture. Jillian said "Mom, everybody is asking for crystals to help them feel better! We need to get some!" And so we did. It was literally love at first sight and after a small shipment of crystals from California we were hopelessly hooked and in love!


"Bigger is Better...Sometimes. But Beautiful is Always Best!"

Our first Tuscon Show (the largest crystal and mineral show in the United States) felt like coming home to old friends. Both of us were sponges soaking up the Crystal Energy and Beauty and spontaneously drawn to impossibly larger than life specimens! It must have been past life experience because we immediately recognized the healing potency of the Crystal Kingdom for everyday people and our connection to the stones was magical. Over the years we met and made friends with hundreds of family owned mines on 5 continents and learned the true meaning of Grade A and ethically sourced stones. We also intuitively realized the connection to our yoga practice and knew we had found our calling.

Fast forward our move back to California where we opened one of the first and most successful Etsy Crystals stores online. By 2011 we were ranked #80 out of 2 million Etsy shops with a perfect 5 star rating for volume sales, quality and customer service. By 2015 we had outgrown Etsy's technical and marketing capacities and launched online.

1000's of Tumbled Stones & Specimens to Browse and Hand Select

Bliss Crystals is unique from all other online store in that we have invested in a truly complete line of Healing Crystals including the more rare and esoteric stones such as Moldavite, Amber, Topaz, Celestite, Ruby, Emerald, Herkimer Diamond, Covellite and gem grade Lapis Lazuli. Each stone is lovingly hand selected by Jan and Jillian (and our highly trained buying team) for Grade A quality, color, shape and polish. We do not buy sight unseen or order by mail, nor do we buy the cheapest stones available from warehouses. Our mission requires quality, hand selection and the best energetic vibration.

Our focus is education and easy availability of the highest quality metaphysical tools for the Conscious Lifestyle. We commission local sage artists to create our organic smudging lines and crystal jewelry artisans from Brazil and California for natural crystal jewelry treasures. Jillian is our lead Inspirational Jewelry Designer and supervises a talented production studio to supply our customers with custom

Jillian is Bliss Crystals Jewelry Designer and Lead Instructor on Yoga, Meditation, Crystal Healing Grids and Feng Shui Decor

We began weekly Facebook Live videos and expanded to 7 days a week Live Shows to teach Crystal Healing, Grids, Chakras, Feng Shui, Meditation and to share our knowledge, experience and treasure trove of crystals. We created the "Essential 11" Beginner Set of Crystals and a popular line of laser etched Selenite products with sacred geometry symbols. Soon following we introduced curated healing sets for the most common healing intentions and a line of Astrology Crystals for each zodiac sign. And we continue to introduce new healing sets and recent crystal discoveries. It is a well kept secret that new variations of crystals are still being unearthed and introduced around the world. Our ears are to the ground to bring these newly found treasures to our customers with a thorough explanation of the crystal's healing properties.


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