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  • Solar Plexus Chakra

    Solar Plexus Chakra

    Manipura मणिपुर in Sanskrit means "lustrous gem." Here is where the will or ego manifests fulfillment and power that emanate success and joy.

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  • Throat Chakra

    Throat Chakra

    Vishudda विशुद्धि in Sanskrit means "purity" of expression. This is the domain of truth and intuitive creativity in speech, the arts and music.

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  • Base Chakra

    Base Chakra

    Muladhara मूलाधार in Sanskrit means "support" where the embodiment of the Soul as a human being is connected to the physical world, like an anchor.

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  • Crown Chakra

    Crown Chakra

    Sahasrara सहस्त्र Sanskrit means "thousand-petaled" which is beyond mind. This is the domain of universal consciousness, with no questions remaining - bliss, knowledge, eternity, silence.

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  • Sacral Chakra

    Sacral Chakra

    Svadhisthana स्वाधिष्ठान Sanskrit means "one's own abode" where the incarnated Self is established. This is the domain of potential creation.

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  • Heart Chakra

    Heart Chakra

    Anahata अनाहत in Sanskrit means "unstruck" or boundless. It is symbolic of a calm mind, emotional stability, mature love and acceptance. This chakra unites the physical and spirit realms, thus it has 2 colors, green and/or pink.

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  • 3rd Eye Chakra

    3rd Eye Chakra

    Ajna आा in Sanskrit means "command" of insight and access into all realms - senses, energies, life forms, dualities and access to spirit locales.

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