BLACK TOURMALINE Tumbled Stone Premium Grade A 1 XL #BT24


BLACK TOURMALINE Tumbled Stone Premium Grade A 1 XL #BT24

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Black Tourmaline is SO basic, SO powerful and SO essential! Everyone needs it...

You are buying ONE (1) Collector Quality Extra Large BLACK TOURMALINE that is from the same lot as the stones pictured. Amazing quality and so black, shiny and dense.

Size: Extra Large = approx 1.2" - 1.4" generous size, chunky may vary slightly
All natural stone may have veins, slight indentations, no two are alike.

This is an exceptional lot of the highest quality Black Tourmaline from Brazil with cleansing, purifying, grounding and protective energy! The color is dense black with a smooth, shining surface. This is a good pick when you want a more "finished" stone or to complement some other stones. It is a much higher quality than the majority of bulk tumbled stones and are all hand sorted and cleaned. I think you'll like them very much. Their size is perfect for medicine bags, wire wrap jewelry, using on the body in layouts or in environmental grids. They are simply beyond beautiful! Black Tourmaline is one of the Essential Eleven stones and indispensable for all types of healing and metaphysical work.

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my healing practice, I use Black Tourmaline daily as it is the premier grounding, purifying and protective crystal. It is absolutely essential in all healing work in order to ground the energy and absorb negativity that may be present on the physical, mental, emotional or spirit level. It never needs cleansing itself, although I don't think it hurts to run it under cool water occasionally. I use it extensively in grids and healing layouts, especially near the feet, in the hands and at the Root Chakra. Whenever I do a healing session, even if I don't use the Black Tourmaline on the body, I have a large chunk of it nearby as it will keep the session protected and cleansed of outside influences. In Feng Shui, I pair it with Selenite to create a complete cleansing, purifying energy for any space. Selenite broadcasts clearing energy and Black Tourmaline absorbs negative energy, so the pair of them work together for a balanced atmosphere. A secondary, but equally important function of Black Tourmaline, is absorbing electromagnetic "smog" from cell phones, computers, radiation, psychic attack, harmful thoughts, dangerous people and situations. It is extremely protective, and every home should have Black Tourmaline large as a Guardian Stone.

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