Red Jasper Palm Stone "Thumb" Stone #RJ39


Red Jasper Palm Stone "Thumb" Stone #RJ39

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You are buying ONE (1) Large, Red JASPER Thumb Palm Stone that is from the same lot as the stones pictured.

Size: Approx = 1.9" length x 1.5" width x .35" thickness
Weight: 1.2 oz

Super beautiful Red Jasper means super strength, stability, and courage in the face of any challenge. This stone originates from Brazil with bright red color and contrasting veins of brilliant earth tones - red, salmon, pink, orange and grey/black.. We love its vibrant colors that look like a mosaic.

These stones are made from all-natural Red Jasper and It has been polished very smooth into an organic rounded shape, with a thumb indent and is breathtakingly beautiful! The color is completely natural too, just amazing what Mother Nature can do with her magical paintbrush! These have natural small pits and crevices that add to their natural beauty and are not interpreted as "flaws." It is natural stone, not filled or color-treated.

I like Red Jasper for the Root Chakra where stability and a first sense of oneself as an individual resides. I recommend this stone to resolve feelings of insecurity, fear and phobias and to develop a strong grounding in one's physical body. Kids in particular are fascinated and drawn to Red Jasper and it is ideal for their young, developing egos, self confidence and kindness to others.

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