HEMATITE Tumbled Stone 1 Large #HT07


HEMATITE Tumbled Stone 1 Large #HT07

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You are buying One (1) Large Hematite tumbled stone that is from the same lot pictured.

Size: Large = approx .95" - 1.3" each
Color: Dark silvery metallic

Natural Stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color. Picture color and clarity may vary on different monitors, mobile devices and color settings.

These large tumbled stones are in a variety of shapes, some are round, some are more flat. They are great for arts & crafts or making healing potions (DO not use the direct method to make an elixir with them, ONLY the indirect method as metal contaminant could leach into the water)

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my healing practice, Hematite is one of the Essential Eleven stones that everyone MUST have. It is the premier grounding stone that can quickly help one get "back down to earth" during any stress, panic, overwork, fatigue, overindulgence, distraction or trauma. I wear a Hematite bracelet daily when I work with thousands of crystals and their energies to keep myself from getting too "buzzed" by all that fabulous energy.

Hematite (along with Black Tourmaline) is my first line of defense against taking on the disease or disharmony of my surroundings. And it works beautifully. Sometimes, if I do become overworked or feel stressed, I simply lie down and put Hematite crystals on both feet and in both hands (4 in all). After about 5 minutes of breath awareness meditation, the crystals have calmed me down where my nerves feel back in balance.

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