Discerning the Real from the Pretend: How to Tell a True Psychic from a Fake

Discerning the Real from the Pretend: How to Tell a True Psychic from a Fake

9 Tips for Finding an Authentic Psychic Reader

In a world brimming with mysteries and the unknown, many seek guidance from psychics to navigate life's complexities. However, with the rise in popularity of psychic readings, it's increasingly important to distinguish between genuine psychics, who offer valuable insight and guidance, and those who might not have your best interests at heart. While the internet is a valuable tool, it has opened up space for many inexperienced and outright fraudulent so called “psychics” to prey on people looking for guidance.  It is up to you as a savvy consumer to take steps to ensure you engage with a trusted source. Bliss Crystals, as an example has thoroughted vetted its Psychic Readers and the owners have many years of experience with psychics across the country.  This blog post aims to equip you with tips to discern a true psychic from a fake one, ensuring your experience is both authentic and enlightening.

  1. Listen to Your Intuition The first and perhaps most important tip is to trust your intuition. If something feels off during a reading, or if the psychic's demeanor or approach makes you uncomfortable, pay attention to these feelings. A genuine psychic will make you feel at ease and respected, not anxious or pressured.
  2. Observe Their Approach A true psychic guides the session with a focus on your well-being and spiritual growth. They should provide insights and clarity, not induce fear or offer to remove curses for additional fees. Be wary of psychics who use fear tactics or claim they can influence your life in implausible ways.
  3. Evaluate Their Feedback Authentic psychics provide readings that resonate with your life without requiring excessive information from you. Be cautious of those who ask too many leading questions or fish for information. A legitimate psychic reading should provide more than general statements that could apply to anyone.
  4. Check for Credentials and Reviews Research the psychic’s background. Many reputable psychics have a history of work, client testimonials, or credentials in their field. Online reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations can be particularly telling. Bliss Crystals has done the advance work to authenticate its Psychic Readers and the owners have had personal readings with each to validate their professionalism. 
  5. Transparency About Services Genuine psychics are clear and upfront about their services, including costs and what they entail. There should be no hidden fees or unexpected charges. They should also respect your decisions and privacy, not pressure you into additional sessions or purchases.
  6. Realistic Expectations Real psychics offer insights but they don't claim to have all the answers or make grandiose predictions about the future. They acknowledge the free will of their clients and don't claim to control events or outcomes.
  7. Respect for Boundaries A true psychic respects your boundaries and does not delve into areas you’re not comfortable discussing. They should be professional in their conduct and maintain ethical standards in their practice.
  8. Offering Guidance, Not Dependence An authentic psychic aims to empower you, not create a dependency. They provide guidance and clarity, encouraging self-reflection and personal growth, rather than insisting on frequent readings or dependency on their services for decision-making.
  9. Beware of Upselling Tactics with Dire Consequences
    An important red flag to be aware of in your interactions with psychics is the use of high-pressure sales tactics, particularly those that play on fear. Be cautious of any psychic who strongly suggests or insists that you need to buy more sessions, expensive rituals, or products like special candles or talismans to avoid disastrous outcomes or imminent dangers. This kind of behavior is a classic hallmark of a scam. A true psychic aims to provide guidance and clarity, not sell fear-based solutions or create a sense of impending doom that can only be alleviated through additional purchases. These tactics are designed to exploit concerns and create unnecessary dependence. Remember, authentic psychics focus on empowering you with insights and knowledge, not binding you to a cycle of continuous spending and unfounded fear. Always trust your instincts and steer clear of those who use fear as a tool for manipulation and profit.

Bliss Crystals Stands by their Trusted Psychics

The owners and managers of Psychic Services at Bliss Crystals are psychics themselves, with many years of experience and are able to provide assurances of authenticity for our clients. Navigating the world of psychic readings can be a fulfilling experience when you find the right guide. By being aware and mindful of these points, you can better distinguish a true psychic from a fake one and ensure your psychic reading experience is enriching, authentic, and beneficial to your personal and spiritual growth. Remember, a genuine psychic reading is an avenue for insight and empowerment, not confusion and dependency.

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