Geology and Origins of Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal is a radiant mineral that is highly attuned to humanity and found around the world! You can use Quartz crystal alone, or in combination with other crystals to unblock energetic channels and access support for manifestation and all physical and emotional conditions. Quartz is a radiant amplifier and will lend it’s magic to whatever work you are doing! You can also use Quartz for clearing other crystals, an environment, or even Tarot cards or other Divination tools. Quartz rituals can be tailored to suit your needs whatever they may be!

Geology And Origins Of Quartz Crystal

The Quartz family is one of the brightest and most diverse branches of the crystal realm! There are as many different Quartz forms and varieties as there are people interested in harnessing their magical abilities. From Agate to Rose Quartz to Jasper, guaranteed there is a Quartz variety out there for you! There is an astounding array of colors represented by this mineral. See related links at the bottom for more info on the different types and species so you can find the perfect one for you!

Clear Quartz is one of the most recognizable minerals on the planet, and is found all over this small world. The durability and inert nature of Quartz makes it a central material found in mountaintops as well as beach or desert sand. Quartz misses no chance to emphasize that we are all made of the same stuff here on Earth! We are all connected to each other and not as different as we would think. Quartz crystal is the fine sand you sink your toes into on the beach by the ocean, or hike as mountains that you share with an entire ecology! To learn more about the energy of Quartz crystal, check out this blog.

Now you can connect with the magic of crystals just as many ancient cultures have! Quartz has always been around, for as long as humans have and have witnessed the passage of time together in co-evolution. Quartz is highly attuned to the human race.

Native Americans used Quartz material as a basis for their spear-points and arrow-heads. In the 1920’s “crystal oscillator plates” made of the purest Quartz were invented. Just ten or so years later, during World War 2 there was a huge increase in demand for Quartz.

These crystals were to be used in the construction of tiny oscillator plates which were necessary for radio frequency to be accessible for the military during war time. Because of this, they had to be manufactured in large numbers. Still today, billions of Quartz crystal oscillators are manufactured for electronics and watches.

Before the war, Quartz was considered a minor resource. Now it is heavily utilized in the creation of a large portion of modern construction material; glass, mortar, porcelain, scouring powder and concrete. This crystal has a huge part of western culture’s future staked-out already as well, as material often used in advanced electronics and computer motherboards.

In a way, our modern way of life rests on circuits made of Quartz. There is even Quartz found in first-rate time-keeping devices as well as some of the most advanced optic lenses in the world! The world would fall out of step without Quartz, so luckily scientists have figured out how to grow pure Quartz crystals making them an ideal material to craft. Will there one day be animated robots made of Quartz circuits? I would not be surprised to hear that even existed today.


Quartz crystal or Silicon dioxide has a very simple molecular structure containing just 2 elements: Silica and Oxygen. Quartz is a crystal that is abundant in certain types of igneous rock, as well as metamorphic and sedimentary minerals. Quartz can form at all temperatures and prefers to form 6-sided (hexagonal) crystals when possible.

Most Quartz crystals will form in igneous rock or geothermal waters. In igneous rock, silicon dioxide crystallizes into hexagonal crystals as seeping magma cools very slowly. The slower the cooldown, the larger the raw crystal clusters and the greater the aesthetic appeal.

Silicon dioxide dissolves into silica-rich geothermal waters at a high temperature and pressure. When the pressure drops, a precipitate forms and new Quartz crystals will take shape! Whatever minerals or radioactivity are around at this time will heavily influence the color of the crystals taking form. Iron oxidizes and creates the beautiful and lush Amethyst, while radioactivity can cause Smoky Quartz to bloom.

Metamorphic rock is heavily composed of Quartz, especially as far as sandstones, shales and granites go. Sandstone is almost entirely made of Quartz!


Quartz is colorless in the pure form of silicon dioxide, imparting the sparkling solar impression of transparency. Impurities are what lend this crystal color and a vast diversity of forms and types! Iron impurities cast hues of purple and yellow creating gemstones known as Amethyst and Citrine.

Aventurine, Agates, Tiger Eye, Prasiolite and more are all different branches of the Quartz family tree that are created by molecular impurities. This is an important fact to know when addressing and attempting to fully realize the personality of this and many other minerals. We are all the same, on the inside; this is what makes our unique qualities even more beautiful. This is a representation of the advantages of diversity in ecology and spirit. All species of Quartz, each with their own special talents are a metaphorical rainbow of worldly diversity, brightly shimmering for all to see.


Quartz is a solar gem and loves to catch the sun! Quartz can be charged up in the direct sun safely for up to 2 hours but be aware that anything longer than that and you risk brittleness and bleaching of color. Quartz is a pretty tough customer with a hardness of 7, but sometimes life can be tougher so take care by not storing it loosely with other crystals as this could potentially scratch up your other crystal friends as well.

You can program your intentions into your Quartz by simply holding your Quartz and meditating on your intentions. The more you do this, the more coded your crystal will become!


The safest way to clean Quartz crystal would be to soak the crystal in warm soapy water for a short time and then polish with a soft bristled toothbrush. If encrusted with other minerals, you can try a household vinegar solution.

You can cleanse your Quartz energetically using smoke, sound, salt, wind or even your breath. For more suggestions on crystal cleansing, click here!


Wrapping your crystal in a soft cloth and storing it securely in a box by itself is the best way to ensure you don’t scratch your Quartz in storage.


Quartz has a Moh’s hardness value of 7, making it pretty sturdy and capable of being manipulated to create jewelry and ornamentation. Quartz is sturdy inside and out and can weather the storm with you!

Color Variation and Origin

From rich-purple to gauzy green, to brown and deep red, there is a whole rainbow to behold of unspeakably beautiful Quartz manifestations!


All over the world! Many geologists agree that the purest specimens of Quartz are found in Arkansas, USA.

We hope this adds to your love and knowledge of the ancient and alluring Quartz crystal! For more articles on Quartz Crystal:

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