Metaphysical Properties Of Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal is a radiant mineral that is highly attuned to humanity and found around the world! You can use Quartz crystal alone, or in combination with other crystals to unblock energetic channels and access support for manifestation and all physical and emotional conditions. Quartz is a radiant amplifier and will lend it’s magic to whatever work you are doing! You can also use Quartz for clearing other crystals, an environment, or even Tarot cards or other Divination tools. Quartz rituals can be tailored to suit your needs whatever they may be!
Metaphysical Properties Of Quartz Crystal

The aesthetic and energy of Quartz expressed simply is the most beautiful rainbow that seems to hang delicately, and yet steadily upon the air. The rainbow is a refractory celebration and potent symbol of diversity, and this is a good metaphor through which to understand the clarity and ranging versatility of Quartz crystal. This beautiful sparkling mineral lends itself to a variety of energies, rituals or causes, and is one of the most versatile crystals out there.

Quartz tends to act like a potent amplifier and can be worn a variety of ways. Quartz mineral is sturdy enough to stand-up to shaping, and makes excellent jewelry, as well as geodes, raw crystal clusters or carved geometric and shapely centerpieces. It’s also possible to harness the power of Quartz by carrying a carved statuette or rock on your person in your pocket.

Quartz can be useful for all astrological placements, but is recommended especially for Solar Leo and Saturnian Capricorn placements for their crystal clear aesthetic and luminous nature. Leo is ruled by the Sun and desires amplification and purification, while Capricornian Saturn revels in the ordered molecular nature and structure of crystals. Quartz crystal has all of these qualities in abundance and can lend Leo a hand when it comes to keeping them humble. Too much sun however, can make the personality and structure of this crystal brittle if exposed to direct sunlight for more than 2 hours at a time.

Self-assured Capricorn often craves structural dignified authority and materialistic practicality. While in search of these, Capricorn can sometimes get lost in the dark and will sometimes suffer in silence during periods of fear and hopelessness, though there are few people they would tell this in earnest. Quartz offers physical manifestation powers paired with a redeeming lightness and bright quality! This light is akin to a lantern to the traveler wading through the long dark of the soul.


Quartz crystal can be used in combination with many different therapies and healing modalities to help open energetic pathways in the body. Over time, this can suggest subtle changes to positively influence all forms of pathology. This crystal is considered to be the “Master Healer'' of all crystals!

To use Quartz crystal for healing, it is as simple as wearing Quartz on your person, in your home or strategically placed in your work environment! You can also create crystal grids of symbolic intention using pointed crystals.

Quartz is one of the stones you can also safely prepare a ritual bath or elixir with! Though it is very important to proceed with caution and to know the purity and composition of the specific stone you are using. This is because it could contain a metal salt that could potentially be dangerous, though generally speaking varieties of Quartz are inert and very safe. Crystals are deserving of your respect, take time to get to know each of them before working with them!

You can meditate with your Quartz crystal to tune in on the specific frequency and resonate with an intention. To give any particular part of your body some direct Quartz love, you can place the crystal anywhere on the body.

Because Quartz is so abundant in the world, the energy of this amazing crystal teaches us how to find common ground with each other. This is something that is becoming more and more necessary in the world as the population grows and we find ourselves on each other’s doorsteps.



This crystal resonates with the 7th Crown Chakra, and all of the Chakras. Quartz energy is clarifying and all encompassing, and as such is associated with all of the Chakras. Quartz can be used in meditation to clear internal blockages and amplify intentions related to certain Chakras.


Quartz harmonizes with all signs of the Zodiac, but has a special place for the signs Capricorn and Leo. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, while Leo is ruled by the Sun. Quartz crystal is really useful when more clarity is called for in a certain situation.


This crystal has a particularly Solar influence, due to it’s transparent and amplifying nature that naturally strengthens the sunlight that inevitably slants through. Crystals in general are the domain Saturn, who rules rigid structure and containment.


The element associated with the Sun and Quartz crystal is Fire. The solar fire amplified through a Quartz conduit when you hold them to the light is captured in essence by the crystal, and can be used to move energy through the body with intention. I would also say water, as some Quartz is borne from silica-laden waters, just as other Quartz is borne from fire and cools with magma.

Essential Oil

Quartz crystal works really well with all essential oils! As an all encompassing energy, Quartz makes no discriminations and plays nicely with others; as an amplifier, Quartz will boost anything you pair it with. Try a few to find your favorite combination!


The Tarot card most associated with Quartz crystal is 19 The Sun. Quartz is loyal, affectionate and warm like a hug from a well loved family member. This crystal may aid you on your journey to attaining the purest happiness and clarity.

Ethical Crystal Mining + Harvesting Practices

The mining practices and ethics that were involved in the extraction of your crystal will always have an effect on the healing energies of the crystal! For more information on ethical mining and crystal harvesting practices, click here.

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*** Crystal healing is not a suitable replacement for regular visits to your physician or therapist, rather a complementary article to the process. If you are experiencing symptoms, please see a doctor immediately. Results of crystal healing may vary person to person, not all results will be the same. The claims made in the above statement are not intended to be curative and are not approved by the FDA.

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