10 Ways to Use Amethyst Crystal For Healing

Amethyst is the premier crystal for meditation, visualization and prayer.  Known as “the Queen of Crystals,” Amethyst is capable of soothing tension associated with fear, anxiety, and anger, and bringing you to a more focused state. This crystal can be especially useful to you if you are suffering from addiction or loss!
10 Ways To Use Amethyst For Healing

Crystal healing is an ancient art that has luminous roots that have been traced to the Sumerian civilization of Ancient Mesopotamia. Throughout this long history, the crystal known as amethyst has accumulated lots of crystal lore and many, many different uses in the practice of crystal healing.

In modern times, science is beginning to uncover the physics behind the healing phenomena but it will be awhile before we will be able to know everything there is to know.

These uses for amethyst are many, varied and can be as involved or laid back as you want them to be! The applications range from easing stress and fear based mentalities to insomnia, imbalances of the nervous system to having a notable affinity with the lungs and ability to clear heat from the respiratory tract. Read more about Amethyst here.

From simply being near an amethyst to creating complex crystal grid structures to channel energy in a particular way, there are many ways to infuse your life with the healing energy that amethyst has to offer. Here are a few:

How to Access the Healing Properties of Amethyst


  1. Place it under your pillow or on a bedside table to enhance dreams and quality of sleep! Amethyst acts as an energetic shield as well as a sort of soothing balm to ease your nerves of stress and your body of insomnia, headaches, slight aches and pains. This helps keep the bad dreams away. We always have better dreams with an amethyst under our pillow!
  2. Simply keep it with you on your person, whether as jewelry or a tumbled stone or point in your pocket; ancient cultures believed amethyst would protect the wearer from witchcraft and psychic attack. Priests used it to ward off impure thoughts, dispel mystical intoxication and to remain chaste and humble. This crystal is very useful to those who suffer from panic attacks and fright.
  3. Modern science shows that Amethyst interacts with and reflects the far-infrared light spectrum, as well as creating small detectable magnetic fields that may exchange energy with the magnetic field of the human body. This, combined with the release of negative ions when amethyst jewelry is worn directly against the body are thought to bear some responsibility for the positive effects of Amethyst. This could potentially aid in cell regeneration, increase circulation, and speed up wound healing while easing pain and stiffness of the joints.
  4. If you are a musician, bring or wear an amethyst with you on stage to simultaneously inspire you while calming nerves and stimulating memory so that the words become easy to remember! This might especially aid you if you are a singer or brass/reed player, as amethyst has an association with the lungs and respiratory tract.
  5. To stimulate your intuition you can lay a point or a stone on your forehead to activate your Third-Eye Chakra. Amethyst is the premier stone for enhancing and clarifying visions and intuition. You can meditate with an amethyst simply by focusing on it when you meditate!
  6. Try using the direction of points to control the energy flow of your chakras; point towards you to encourage energy to fill you up and replenish you and if you are feeling overstimulated you can position it so it faces away from you, and leaves you feeling calmer.
  7. You can use Amethyst as an auric cleanser to dispel negative emotions and energies you may have picked up during the day. If you are a Tarot practitioner, you can set an Amethyst on your deck to cleanse stale energies in the same way the Moon or a chunk of selenite would!
  8. Amethyst is suitable for use in ritual baths as it is stable conformation and non-water soluble. It is important to always research stones before submerging in water. At best, putting the wrong stone in water could result in the complete dissolution of the stone and at worst; you could be exposing yourself to poisonous compounds.
  9. Some people claim that amethyst infused waters or elixirs have healing properties! There are even companies that manufacture gemstone water bottles! You have to be really careful when ingesting any form of mineral though, when in doubt don’t do it. As with most minerals, you can’t be sure of the chemical composition by looking at it and unless it is lab tested, and even then is subject to error. You could be inadvertently exposing yourself to a toxic metal compound if it is crudely worked or unpolished! Silicon dioxide is an inert compound, but if you ground it all up and ingested it, it would probably kill you. Also inhalation of the dust from working with it on a lapidary saw would be toxic. If you insist on imbibing, buy water bottles only from a trusted manufacturer, and as always-research, research, research! We at Bliss Crystals recommend using the non-direct method of infusion for making elixirs.
  10. Place amethyst geodes at home or work to relieve geopathic stress and potentiate some portion of electromagnetic fields. Amethyst is an essential crystal in the ancient chinese art of Feng Shui, which involves creating house decor that balances yin/yang and lets energies flow in favorable ways.

Now that you know how amethyst crystals can take care of you, need to know how to take care of your amethyst?

*** Crystal healing is not a suitable replacement for regular visits to your physician or therapist, rather a complementary article to the process. If you are experiencing symptoms, please see a doctor immediately. Results of crystal healing may vary person to person, not all results will be the same. The claims made in the above statement are not intended to be curative and are not approved by the FDA.

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