The Benefits Of Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is the premier crystal for meditation, visualization and prayer.  Known as “the Queen of Crystals,” Amethyst is capable of soothing tension associated with fear, anxiety, and anger, and bringing you to a more focused state. This crystal can be especially useful to you if you are suffering from addiction or loss!
The Benefits Of Amethyst Crystal


When first starting on your journey with crystals, Amethyst crystal is a perfect choice for anyone who wishes to align with a higher frequency! This gem is a wonderful companion crystal for anyone currently on a spiritual path. This magnificent gemstone is said to bring out only the best qualities in humans such as compassion, connection and has a pious association with humility and chastity. To learn more on the legends and lore of amethyst, and how it has reflected on humanity throughout history, click here.

Introduction to Crystal Healing with Amethyst

With her calming glow, Amethyst protects those who wear them from psychic attack and assures us that we have the capacity for acting in alignment with our highest self at all times. Prized by healers and seers alike, this gem is one of the best out there for amplifying meditative energies and learning how to connect to your highest self!

Amethyst has very divine energies and is so beautiful in the way it calms the psyche, sharpens the mind and simultaneously allows the tender voice of your own intuition to be heard. This crystal is profoundly aligned with the third-eye and the crown chakra as well as the angelic realm.

This gemstone makes a beautiful amulet of creativity and has been used by artists, poets, painters, musicians and more to uncover the lightning spark of inspiration; especially the darker varieties as it contains more iron. It can be helpful in creative or writer’s block, and can be placed near a workstation or slipped in a pocket.

If you suffer from stage fright, this crystal can help you on your way to building confidence and feeling safe in the boundaries that you need to do so! Even famous singers such as Adele still get stage fright and she admits to slipping crystals in her pockets or hands during a performance to help anxiety.

Amethyst can be helpful to you if you are an individual who tends to doubt themselves, deals with more fear than the average person, or simply wishes to learn how to elevate their level of consciousness while going about their daily life. Amethyst can also feel quite supportive in times of grief and transition, such as addiction or death in the family.

This crystal can be used to help process stress and mental inflammation as well as enhance sleep and dream quality. As with any crystal is not a replacement for therapy or working with a licensed practitioner, but a holistic compliment to the process! In short, anyone at all who feels called to work with and experience benefit from the ancient mystical powers of this tantalizing gemstone can do so. For more ways to use Amethyst in your healing routine, read this.

Get to know Amethyst like you would your own friends, create your own rapport! Don’t let what you read stop you from experiencing this beautiful mineral in the ways in which only you can perceive them. Who knows what mystical gems of knowledge you will unfurl from the secret whispers of the stone that are meant for your ears alone!


Amethyst can help in the case of other psychiatric conditions, but working with Amethyst is contraindicated in the cases of paranoia and schizophrenia, as the enhanced connection to higher realms may increase sensitivity and elevate unwanted symptoms.


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*** Crystal healing is not a suitable replacement for regular visits to your physician or therapist, rather a complementary article to the process. If you are experiencing symptoms, please see a doctor immediately. Results of crystal healing may vary person to person, not all results will be the same. The claims made in the above statement are not intended to be curative and are not approved by the FDA.

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