Rockhound Mixed Tumbled "Coco" Stone Set #RH01


Rockhound Mixed Tumbled "Coco" Stone Set #RH01

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Welcome Rockhound Fans and Bargain Seekers to this great collection of tumbled stones - perfect for getting started with crystals and rocks...or just adding to your collection.  You are buying a 1 lb box of smooth Grade A tumbled stones with approximately 34-40 stones in each box.  This listing is by weight and stone count will vary only depending on the size of stones.

Weight: Approx 16 oz (1 lb)

Stone Count: Approx 36 - 40 depending on stone size

Colors: Assorted blue, green, gold, brown, black, white, pink, patterned, striped

Following is a key to most of the stones that could be in your box. Remember that even in one batch, stones will vary widely and look different - that's the beauty of their uniqueness!  And you may have a few stones that are "surprise stones" that you may not be able to identify because of their variations, or they are new additions to our inventory.

1. Serpentine    2. Brecciated Green Jasper    3.  Prehnite   

4.  Fluorite    5.  Red Tiger's Eye    6. Brecciated Red Jasper   

7.  Carnelian    8.  Apatite    9.  Garnierite 

10.  Earth Moonstone   11.  Picture Jasper    12.  Blue Tiger's Eye

13.  Green Jasper    14.  White Howlite    15.  Onyx

16.  Moss Agate    17.  Amazonite    18.  White Brecciated Jasper

19.  Silver Moonstone    20.  Blue Chalcedony    21. Bloodstone

22.  Clear Quartz    23.  Hematite    24.  Pink Jasper

25.  Red Jasper    26.  Gold Tiger's Eye    27.  White Moonstone

28.  Tree Agate    29.  Lion's Paw Shell    30.  Blue Quartz

31.  Botswana Agate    32.  Multi Jasper    33.  Green Quartz

34.  Rose Quartz    35.  Labradorite    36.  Unakite

37.  Yellow Jasper    38.  Leopardskin    39.  Snow Quartz

40.  Green Aventurine    41.  Sunstone    42.  Lepidolite

43.  Dalmation Stone    44.  Zebra Marble    45.  Gold Quartz

46.  Amalgamated Jasper    47.  Earth Agate    48.  Apricot Agate

49.  Soapstone Animal Carving  50.  Green Agate   51.  Pink Opal

52.  Fancy Jasper  53.  Banded Amethyst

Other crystals may be included in this set which are not  pictured or listed above due to new inventory. Its fun and educational to identify the stones either from the key provided, books or the internet. We emphasize this set is not for very young children and should never be put in the mouth or ingested. Parental supervision should be used for the youngest children.

Fun note: We have named each of our Rockhound Sets after one of the Bliss Crystals mascot dogs that frequent our offices. As we all know, dogs make us more human and improve mental and physical health. Coco is a West Highland Terrier (Westie) who lives with Mama Jan (Bliss Crystals Founder). Coco loves chasing birds or toys and barking at the Amazon Delivery people. Watch her chasing a ball in our warehouse! Woof!


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