Rockhound Mixed Calcite and Rough Stone Set "Missy" #RH02


Rockhound Mixed Calcite and Rough Stone Set "Missy" #RH02

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Welcome Rockhound Fans and Bargain Seekers to this great collection of calcites and rough stones - perfect for getting started with crystals and rocks...or just adding to your collection.  You are buying a 1 lb box of Grade A rough calcites and crystals with approximately 10 -15 stones in each box.  This listing is by weight and stone count will vary only depending on the size of stones.

Weight: Approx 16 oz (1 lb)

Stone Count: Approx 10 - 14 depending on stone size. Following are specimens that may be in your box. Inventory may vary as new items are added and some items are sold out.

1.  Pistachio Calcite    2.  Orange Calcite    3.  Red Calcite

4.  Angel Wing Calcite    5.  Purple Fluorite    6.  Translucent Pink/Red Calcite

7.  Lemon Calcite    8.  Pink Calcite (also Rose Quartz if more clear)   

9.  Green Fluorite    10.  Blood Calcite    11.  Ivory Calcite   

12.  Desert Stone    13.  Desert Rose Selenite    14.  Blue Calcite   

15.  Amber Calcite    16.  Green Calcite (also Emerald Calcite if darker)

Not shown: Mica, Root Beer Calcite, Honey Calcite,

Other crystals may be included in this set that is not pictured or listed above due to new inventory. It's fun and educational to identify the stones either from the key provided, books, or the internet. We emphasize this set is not for very young children. These are rough, unfinished rocks that may have rough edges and should never be put in the mouth or ingested. Parental supervision should be used for the youngest children.

Fun note: We have named each of our Rockhound Sets after one of the Bliss Crystals mascot dogs that frequent our offices. As we all know, dogs make us more human and improve mental and physical health. Missfit (aka Missy) is a Labrador & Dachshund Mix who lives with Kara (Bliss Crystals General Manager).  Missy craves getting pets on her tummy (4 paws up!), camping, and going on hikes.

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