Matte SHUNGITE 28 gm Parcel of Chips OR SHUNGITE Gem Essence 6" Wand Elixir w/ Borosilicate Glass Tube, Choose your package! #SG43


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Shungite Parcel ONLY Shungite Elixir Wand

Matte SHUNGITE 28 gm Parcel of Chips OR SHUNGITE Gem Essence 6" Wand Elixir w/ Borosilicate Glass Tube, Choose your package! #SG43

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Shungite Parcel ONLY Shungite Elixir Wand

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Choose your package!
- 1 Shungite 28 gm parcel of small chips, they are matte or chalky and have been tumbled
- 1 Borosilicate Tube & 28 gm parcel of Shungite Small Chips

Tube Size: 6-inches Long, 5/8 Inch Wide, 3/4 oz Volume (16x150mm and 23ml Volume)
Shungite Weight: 28 gms of small chips. Stones are shipped with the tube in a separate bag to protect them during their journey.

Disclaimer: Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

You are buying ONE (1) Shungite chip 28 gm parcel OR ONE (1) Shungite chip 28 gm parcel & Gem Essence Elixir Wand that is from the same lot as pictured. Each tube can be used with the 28 gm of Shungite OR you can use it for other stones (see more below) We have shown the tube in a glass of water to demonstrate how the wand is used. Simply place the corked wand with the Shungite chips in any cool liquid so that the cork is above the liquid line. This works beautifully in a pitcher or glass that is filled up to 3/4 of the way to the top of the wand. You may want to experiment so that the wand does not slip below the liquid line. Simply leave the wand in the water or liquid for about 8 hours, then the liquid is ready to use as a Gem Essence Elixir. We do not recommend placing the wand or liquid in the sun so that it heats up. Room temperature is best.

Once the Elixir is made, you can use it full strength or simply in drops to charge other waters, drinks, food or liquids. I like to use a few drops of the Elixir in a spray bottle of water with or without aromatherapy oils and spray it around my bedroom or meditation room. You get the full potency of the Shungite crystal through the water! It is a wonderful way to use Shungite as it is the premier stone for purifying and detoxing.

Tubes are made of Borosilicate Glass. This is the best glass technology to use for making Gem Essence Elixirs because of its purity and protection against leaching. It is a very clear glass which resists heat changes better than other types of glass and is non-toxic, BPA free, eco-friendly, and reusable.

Black Shungite can be hard to come by and found only one place on earth - the Zazhoginskoye deposit near Lake Onega in the Shunga region of Karelia, North West of Russia. It looks like a chalky black coal. But far from its humble appearance, it is often used as a water purification/detoxifying product; it exhibits truly amazing qualities of rejuvenation, purification and anti-bacterial healing energies. Many people use it in spas or water features to purify and charge the water. You could also layer the chips on top of a houseplant's soil so clean and detoxify the water for your plants!


TIPS AND HINTS for Making and Using Shungite Gem Essence Elixir
* You may want to experiment so that the wand does not slip below the liquid line. You can also tie a ribbon or cord around the tube and let it hang over the container edge just to protect it from slipping if the container is large.

* Do not put the wand, crystals or elixir in the sun or heat it up beyond normal room temperature. However it is fine to add a drop of Elixir to a hot cup of coffee or tea after it is made, but do not heat up the tube or crystals.

* You can add a few drops or a vial of Shungite Gem Essence to your bathwater or make a room freshener "spritz" (for protection) from it. A few drops could also help revive plants, trees or other herbals.

* If you want more grounding and protection, you can add a few drops of the Gem Elixir to the ground, doorway, river, lake, pool, ocean, or anywhere thanks to it's anti-microbial and detoxifying properties.

* You can keep the finished Elixir in a container in the refrigerator if you are not going to use it up within a couple of days. But remove the tube once the Elixir is made. It will not lose potency over time.

* Store the Gem Essence Wand in a cool, safe place until you are ready to use it again.

* It is fine to remove the Shungite crystal chips from the tube and use them for other purposes. You can even re-use the tube with other crystals to make different types of Gem Essence Elixirs. Use the same method as described above.

* The "indirect" method of making Gem Elixirs described above, is the only safe method we recommend for making Gem Elixirs. It is very effective rather than soaking the crystals in liquid, which sometimes can degrade the crystal or leach harmful minerals into the liquid. Never ingest the crystals or any elixir made directly with them. It could be toxic and we cannot recommend it.

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