KUNZITE 5 gm Parcel Polished Stone A+ Lavender Pink mixed w/ Green Crystal #PK04


KUNZITE 5 gm Parcel Polished Stone A+ Lavender Pink mixed w/ Green Crystal #PK04

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You are buying 1 (One) 5 gm Parcel of PINK (Lilac / Lavender) & Green KUNZITE Polished Crystal Stone that is from the lot pictured.

Size: Mixed: Varies from approx .50" = 1.3" depending on shape
Weight: 5 gm Parcel
Shape: Thin stick like shapes to more of a cube shape
Color: Icy pink + Green
There are about 3 - 8 stones per parcel. (This listing is by weight not stone count so it could vary slightly)

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

How pretty and gemmy are these icy Pink and Green A+ Kunzite crystals! They feel like a fantasy fairy crystal... they almost look unreal (but trust me, they are the REAL thing!) Translucent, sparkley ice like with a delicate pink and green, glassey tone. These are quite different from the opaque Kunzite we sell. These are more glass like, translucent and thus considered more gemmy. Some pieces are long and narrow, some pieces are soft, organic more chunky shapes.

In my healing practice I use Kunzite as one of the highest spiritual stones at the heart center and at the crown chakra (top of the head). It has an angelic quality to it that seems to erase any negativity and false assumptions, emotional debris and unwanted energies. Instead it brings peace, connected-ness, meditation states, creativity, protection, free expression and tolerance. Kunzite is especially recommended for those who find it hard to meditate.

Be certain not to leave it in sunlight for any length of time as it could fade.

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