Infinite 1" Tumble 8 oz Parcel, Approx 12 stones, 1/2 lb Bulk Lot #LV3443

$24.00 $54.00 -56% OFF

Infinite 1" Tumble 8 oz Parcel, Approx 12 stones, 1/2 lb Bulk Lot #LV3443

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$24.00 $54.00 -56% OFF

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This Infinite crystal measures approximately 1" and weighs around 227g. It exhibits a blend of yellow, green, and grey hues, formed from a combination of Chrysotile and Serpentine. Known for its ability to facilitate gentle and soothing energy flow, it's recommended to cleanse it regularly. Infinite is valued for its perceived efficacy in dispelling negativity, though specific claims are not made here. It's often utilized by healers in various practices, purportedly aiding in cleansing and healing the aura. Some users attribute grounding properties to Infinite, suggesting it has a stabilizing effect. The rough version of the crystal typically originates from larger mined pieces and may undergo processes like acid-washing for safety and durability.

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