Hematite Rough Point (205g) #LV0418


Hematite Rough Point (205g) #LV0418

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Hematite originates from haima, the Greek word for blood, as it is derived from iron which has a natural deep red color. It is one of the most abundant on the Earth's surface and crust, valuable in making shielding products and pigments. Prehistoric people used it to color clay which was used in cave paintings. Hematite is energetically one of the best grounding and protective stones for standing strong, deflecting negativity, and managing upsets. Overall it has a cooling and calming effect. Lie down & put on your feet to re-balance after a hard day.

Rough Points make an incredible focal point to any room or desktop. This is an all natural, rough point right from the earth and has not been polished or cut, but left in its raw state. You can also use it in a medicine wheel or as a healing wand, an extension of your hand to direct and intensify energy. Pointed away from the body, it draws energy off and pointed inward it directs energy to the body. So depending on the purpose, it can be used either way.

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