Blue Chalcedony + Purple Fluorite Geode (50g) #SK7271


Blue Chalcedony + Purple Fluorite Geode (50g) #SK7271

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This crystal is known for its nurturing qualities, which are partly why it's so popular among healers. The stone rings with happiness and a lighthearted attitude when you need it most; Blue Chalcedony thrives in times of trouble while also naturally emitting optimistic energy that can help to ease worries during difficult moments like political turmoil or litigation proceedings where there is often a lot at stake.

One of the most useful and protective stones on a daily basis, Fluorite is an essential crystal for bringing focus, balance, clarity, and order when there is chaos, disorganization, or confusion. Use it to problem solve, as an aid to learning, memory, harmony, and resolution. Keep near a computer to organize workflow, and guard against EMF fields.

A Crystal Geode is a more rounded rock that contains a central hollow cavity that is naturally lined with crystal material. The crystals may be in very small druzy like points, large points and sometimes intergrowths of other minerals. Geodes may be polished on the outside or stabilized with another material to ensure the integrity of the geode as they can be subject to breakage or flaking.

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