Black Tourmaline Ring Oval SS Adj Sz 9.5 #VT006


Black Tourmaline Ring Oval SS Adj Sz 9.5 #VT006

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You are buying the exact Oval-shaped, Black Tourmaline Sterling Silver Ring that is pictured.

Size: 1.17" L x .94" W

This beautiful Black Tourmaline ring has been expertly cut just for you! It has a very unique pattern that is just stunning and is placed on a Sterling Silver band. This is the perfect gift for any man or woman who will enjoy a "statement" piece of jewelry!

Notes From My Professional Experience

In my healing practice, I use Black Tourmaline daily as it is the premier grounding, purifying, and protective crystal. It is absolutely essential in all healing work in order to ground the energy and absorb negativity that may be present on the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual levels. It never needs cleansing itself, although I don't think it hurts to run it under cool water occasionally. I use it extensively in grids and healing layouts, especially near the feet, in the hands, and at the Root Chakra. Whenever I do a healing session, even if I don't use the Black Tourmaline on the body, I have a large chunk of it nearby as it will keep the session protected and cleansed of outside influences.

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