2 PIETERSITE Extra Small Tumbled Stone, Grade A, Chatoyant #PT90


2 PIETERSITE Extra Small Tumbled Stone, Grade A, Chatoyant #PT90

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Ahhh...rare and splendid Pietersite! These XS size stones are true treasures... You are buying Two (2) rare Pietersite Extra Small Tumbled Stone from Namibia that is from the batch of stones pictured. This lot is so pretty, with rich, deep rust colors and a little bit of blue and/or gold here and there. But the batch is mostly a blue mixed with brown Pietersite.

Sizes: Extra Small = Approximately .30" - .80" across
Shapes vary between short to longer and thin.

Natural Stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color. Picture color and clarity may vary on different monitors, mobile devices and color settings.

They are the perfect size for crafting, essential oil mixes, bath bombs or jewelry. Pietersite is a very unusual, beautiful and somewhat difficult to find crystal, as most shops don't carry it and very few people have heard of it, so it tends to be very pricey. It was only discovered and named in 1962 so there is not much historical data around it. If I had to go to that proverbial desert island with only one crystal, Pietersite would be the one!

The appearance of Pietersite is an intriguing combination of swirling masses of golden brown (sometimes with swirls of gold and blue). Usually these stones are too small to show much if any chatoyancy, but lucky for you this beautiful Grade A batch does show off the flash!

Metaphysically, Pietersite is classified as an "Acension Stone" as it unlocks the keys to a heightened state of spiritual awareness so it is ideal for meditation or movement practices such as Yoga and Tai Chi, for shamanic journeys and past life work. I personally use it as a meditation stone and a healing crystal for many conditions. Its highest gift is the reminder and realization that we, as human beings are Spirit Beings journeying in a human experience. This realization changes everything in one's search for Truth.

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