Brown Tourmaline aka DRAVIDE 2 Small Tumbled Stone #SK6856


Brown Tourmaline aka DRAVIDE 2 Small Tumbled Stone #SK6856

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Dravide is Black Tourmaline's closest cousin! It is the same tourmaline but with more iron oxide which makes it look reddish-brown. So pretty and these are even gemmy with little glowing embers here and there.

You are buying 2 (Two) Gemmy DRAVIDE (Brown Tourmaline) Polished Stone size Small that is from the same lot as the stones pictured. These rare and gorgeous little stones were custom made from stone originating in Northern India.

These are the perfect size for medicine bags, jewelry and other crafts. This particular quality of gemmy Dravide is hard to find! They have a rich, warm, firey brown color and remind me of garnets, and are naturally a bit more expensive (but worth it!) Each stone has been hand polished and feels very smooth and warming to the touch. So pretty! They can be used in crafting, body layouts and grids. They are made in a gently rounded shape.

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