PINK CALCITE Rough Stone Crystal Mineral #PC59


PINK CALCITE Rough Stone Crystal Mineral #PC59

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You are buying ONE (1) beautiful Large size, Peruvian PINK CALCITE Natural Rough Stone Chunk Specimen that is from the same lot pictured. Choose this listing when you need a chunk of quality stone for display or decor. They are hand picked, washed and sorted and absolutely stunning specimens.

Size: Large = Approx 1.3" - 2.2"
Weight: Approx = 0.17 gm +

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

This stone is chunky, "craggy" and rough with layer upon layer of beautiful Pink Calcite crystals. They are each more of an organic rectangular, chunky 3 dimensional shape and look great from every angle. This quality of Pink Calcite is a great add to any crystal collection! You will just love the light to medium-dark soft pink color. Sometimes you will see the occasional dark vein in Calcite, which is completely natural and beautiful. There's not very much in this particular stone.

These gorgeous stones have a lot of depth, dimensional, interesting formations and breathtakingly beautiful energy! These would be a great add to any crystal collection. This particular type of calcite is mined in large chunks, and an acid wash is used to clean it up and keep the calcite from flaking off into small dust-like particles. This also gives it a little bit of sheen which looks nice and makes it feel smooth to the hand. These are all "one of a kind" pieces - no two are alike - and they are irregularly shaped, so measurements may not be exact or the same stone to stone.

In general, Calcites as a group are strong amplifiers and cleansers of energy. They are great for Feng Shui and keeping the most positive vibrations in a room. They are helpful for promoting spiritual growth and psychic awareness. Calcites are known to balance the intellect and emotions, connecting them for what is called "emotional intelligence." Mentally, they help all aspects of the mind, intellect and decision making. Emotionally, they have a stabilizing effect and can alleviate stress as well as help in good decision making.

Pink Calcite can be used in metaphysical healing practices especially at the heart chakra, as a stone of acceptance and forgiveness, heart healing and emotional issues (including self esteem and emotional trauma). It has a sweet and gentle energy and is wonderful for new mothers and infants, and soothing for children as well.

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