Clear Quartz Faceted Crystal Point Generator 1 Medium #CQ02


Clear Quartz Faceted Crystal Point Generator 1 Medium #CQ02

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Sweet and Clear!

You are buying ONE (1) Medium CLEAR QUARTZ GENERATOR Crystal Point from Brazil that is from the same lot as the generators pictured. These are a nice quality of the Clear Quartz stone that have been faceted into a 6 sided column with a flat and slightly beveled base so it stands up on its own. This listing is an excellent buy if you need a quantity of points on a budget or if you would like to use them in jewelry, lapidary or other artistic endeavors.

Size: Ranges from Approximately 1" - 1.5" high
Weight: 12 - 20 gm ea
This listing is by weight, the taller ones are more skinny, the shorter ones are wider.

This is a very pretty and sparkly NATURAL Quartz from Brazil that has been hand cut and polished. They are all different heights and widths so it is a great variety. Each point is a unique, 6 sided column of ice beauty. It has a flat base so it stands on its own. The facets and point are nicely formed. There is a feeling of "infinity" looking into this stone so it is quite conducive for meditation, working with past lives and events, or, divining the past and future. It's energy is open, flowing and potent! It has been smoothed and polished to a very fine finish so that it balances perfectly in the hand and feels soothing. It can be used as a healing wand, in medicine wheels or healing grids and Feng Shui. Many people simply appreciate it for its instrinsic beauty as a beautiful display specimen.

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my healing practice, I often include a Quartz Generator in a healing grid or medicine wheel. It has a potent quality of amplification and divination where one can access universal wisdom and the insight into past events and lives. The clarity of the crystal is not only symbolic of seeing what is difficult to ascertain, but also energetically inspiring to "dig deeper" and look beyond the material realm into the metaphysical realms of emotion, thought, mental process, intuition, psychic powers and spiritual growth. Clear Quartz Crystals are excellent for enhancing meditation, relaxation and lucid dreaming. I often recommend that one is placed on an altar, near pictures of favorite dieties, or loved ones who have passed on.

It is extremely uplifting as well. There is also a deep connection to the amplifying power of cosmic creation as it flows through us in human potential form. You can use Clear Quartz with any other crystal to enhance its specific healing attributes.

On a mental level, I use to disperse and cleanse mind confusion. It will bring light into clouded situations and mind patterns that cloud one's intuitive wisdom. Most helpful in meditation - see comments above. Keep it near the meditation seat or hold it in both hands while meditating or doing breathing practices. OK to use it to gaze on during opened eyes meditation.

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