1 Lilac STICHTITE Tumbled Stone with SERPENTINE aka "Atlantasite" #SL30



1 Large 1 Extra Large 2 Medium Large 2 Medium 4 Small

1 Lilac STICHTITE Tumbled Stone with SERPENTINE aka "Atlantasite" #SL30

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1 Large 1 Extra Large 2 Medium Large 2 Medium 4 Small

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You are buying your choice of size in STICHTITE (aka Atlantasite) that is from the group pictured.

4 Small = Approximately .50" - .70"
2 Medium = Approximately .75" - .85"
2 Medium Large = Approximately .80" - .95" chunky
1 Large = Approximately 1.0" - 1.1"
1 Extra Large = Approximately 1.3" +

Color: Lilac Purple, some with with dark purple, black and/or dark green veining, marbling
Country of Origin: South Africa
Treatment: Natural stone, gently tumbled, smooth stone with irregular, organic shapes

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

For the ardent Metaphysical Practitioners (and you know who you are) "Atlantasite" is like the Rosetta Stone, opening up all kinds of secrets and wisdom from the ancient past. While yes, this is a gorgeous Grade A stone with its amazing color and pattern, it is truly one of those connection stones to the Shamans of Atlantis. And it has many other healing properties to consider if Atlantis is not your thing (see below). So go for it and see where this beauty takes you on a journey like no other!

It is simply outstanding and a rarely available stone with a most calming energy. It may have small inclusions of Green Serpentine, that are an olive green color. It is so pretty and luscious that you might be tempted to eat it up, but please don't! Put this stone near your heart or forehead and breathe a sigh of relief...ahhhh... it's ideal for placing in the bedroom or meditation space and beautiful made into jewelry or other crafting projects.

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my healing practice, I find Stichtite to be especially helpful in working with Indigo or special needs children who need help accepting themselves and balancing their gifts. It is one of the most calming stones with a feminine, gentle energy. It can be used in Feng Shui by placing it anywhere in the home or office where negative energies are present and it helps to round them out and calm them down, especially if the negativity is of an excitable nature. All around, it would be an excellent for medicine bags and in body layouts for the heart chakra.

By far, Atlantasite is one of the best stones for tranquility, calm and relaxation. It can help people who live alone by providing a sense of companionship and relieving worry. Excellent for calming children, put under pillow or carry in pocket.

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