1 LARIMAR Tumbled Stone aka Dolphin Stone, Blue Pectolite Semi Rough #BC115



Medium Large

1 LARIMAR Tumbled Stone aka Dolphin Stone, Blue Pectolite Semi Rough #BC115

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Medium Large

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You are buying 1 (ONE) LARIMAR Tumbled Stone from the same lot seen in the photograph. You pick size!

Size: approx = 1" across
Medium - Less than 7 gms
Large - Over 8 gms
Treatment: Tumbled
AKA: Dolphin Stone, Pectolite

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

Oh, I so love Larimar, that precious and most rare stone found only in the Dominican Republic. Larimar is difficult to obtain, growing on an underwater shelf and it has become essentially "mined out" so whatever you buy today will certainly increase in value.

These very rare stones are gently tumbled and not overly processed so the natural undulations of the stone remain and they have a little brown stone matrix markings on them. The look like you just found them on the beach...completely natural and a treasure. The color is beautiful, soft aqua blue with white marbling.

It is a rounded, organic shape and a good size for crafting, medicine bag or any healing purpose. The color and energy vibration is that of the Ocean, feminine, cooling, peaceful and calm. Should I ever feel my equilibrium is waning, I position Larimar over my heart or third eye and feel any negativity dissolve on contact. Ahhh...I always feel better then...like an instant vacation.

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