EPIDOTE Tumbled Stone, with Rough Druzy Crystal aka Pistacite #ET03


EPIDOTE Tumbled Stone, with Rough Druzy Crystal aka Pistacite #ET03

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What a beauty! This is an unusual form of Epidote in which the druzy rough stone is lightly tumbled and shaped into a nice rounded form, yet preserving the druzy sparkle. Overall the stone is dark olive green with silver and gold twinkles. If you are lucky and get one of the stones that has a little vug, you can see even more inside its crystalline interior. So very pretty!

You are buying 1 Epidote stone from the group pictured.

Size: Large = Approximately .80 - 1.2" across

Epidote is known as a stone of Abundance, as its very name means to increase or additive from the Greek word 'Epidosis.' It is also called Pistacite due to its pistachio green color. You can use it as an Attraction Stone to bring your wishes and desires to your life, but these things must be firmly manifested in your thought process first.

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