Dumortierite Grade AA Slice aka Blue Quartz #SK7493

$5.40 $9.00 -40% OFF

Dumortierite Grade AA Slice aka Blue Quartz #SK7493

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$5.40 $9.00 -40% OFF

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Approx. 1" , 13g each

You are buying 1 (ONE) DUMORTIERITE Slice that is from the same lot as the stones pictured. These pretty stones are close in shape and have a stunning all-natural dark blue color, with dendritic patterns. 

This is a beautiful dark blue stone that can be difficult to find. It can be used as a palm stone, energy stone, or in a healing grid. But it is also lovely on its own as a small display specimen in almost any room or office. It has a deeply calming and cooling energy that is beneficial to everyone. 

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my healing practice, I use Dumortierite primarily for instilling unwavering self-confidence and helping people connect to the highest level of their archetypal selves. It is one of the premier stones for breaking ties with the past so that old patterns no longer lead. My clients tell me this stone is excellent for helping one overcome panic attacks, stage fright, fear of public speaking, shyness, or other phobias.

Dumortierite is excellent for work in Feng Shui when one must clear their space, overcome disorganization, and de-stress the environment. It is really great for people who face trauma and crisis on a daily basis in their work or relationships - it helps calm an over-excited heart and mind. dumortierite can be used for anything that needs "cooling down."

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