Chalcopyrite aka Peacock Ore XL Rough Stone (133g) #SK3740


Chalcopyrite aka Peacock Ore XL Rough Stone (133g) #SK3740

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You are buying One (1) CHALCOPYRITE AKA "Peacock Stone" that is from the lot pictured. You will receive 1 of these gorgeous, specimen-size stones. This group is primarily indigo blue as shown in the picture with some green, purple, pink, orange, or gold spots mixed in. It really reminds me of the peacock colors.

Overall the Chalcopyrite energy is a "fun" stone, one of upliftment, joy, and happiness! The energy will uplift any environment. They are great for wire wrapping in jewelry, healing grids, Feng Shui, and landscaping. Each is one-of-a-kind and no two are alike.

BE SURE TO CLEAN THEM BEFORE USE! When you receive them, run them under tepid water to both remove the mining dust and to cleanse them energetically - you can even squirt a little dishwashing soap on them too, it won't hurt. To dry, either air dry or pat gently with a soft towel. DO NOT RUB! This type of stone can "shed" so treat them gently.

In my healing practice, I use CHALCOPYRITE most frequently as a "tonic stone" when a person has the "blahs" and is down for no apparent reason. Kids especially respond to this stone and giggle when they see its shiny, iridescent surface. NOTE: Chalcopyrite tends to be "dirty" and can shed dust. If this happens, simply rinse under a little running water and air dry. This should subside after a cleaning or two.

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