Angelite Tumbled Stone #AT22



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Angelite Tumbled Stone #AT22

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Size: Large = approx 25 - 32 gm , 1.1" - 1.2" height
Medium = Approx 15 - 19 gm , .87" - 1" height
Small = Approx 9 - 14 gm , .86" - 1.2" height
This listing is by weight not dimensions.

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

These lovely rounded stones are made of all natural Angelite which shows natural variations in color, texture, and surface characteristics. Since each is handmade, no two are alike! You might see a small white spot here or there which are called "Angel Kisses" and are completely natural part of this wonderful crystal. They are tumbled smooth and feel very comfortable in the hand. You can even use them for massage. They are all beautiful and I guarantee that you will love these precious Angelite stones.

This Angelite crystal material is the highest quality from Peru where the world's finest Angelite is mined. Angelite is actually Celestite which has been compressed over millions of years (and it shares all of the properties of Celestite as well) but it is more opaque, dense and durable than fragile Celestite Thus it is more easily used on the body, in the hands and under the the pillow.

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my crystal healing practice I use Angelite primarily for clients who already have an inclination toward angel energy, need serious peace of mind, and want to experience the benefits of peaceful, deep meditation. Because it releases energy at the throat chakra, if there is any area in your life that needs “gentle-ing,” this crystal will do the job. Put Angelite under or next to the pillow in a small bag so that you may experience angelic dreams and helpful messages from benevolent spiritual guides and angels. You can also hold them in the hand as you sit for meditation, or go to sleep. They are smooth and resiliant so even if they fall out of your hands onto the bed, they should remain intact. (Don't drop them onto a cement or hard tile floor however...they could crack as any crystal would.)

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