1 Natural CITRINE Generator Point Size Small Gemstone #NC06


1 Natural CITRINE Generator Point Size Small Gemstone #NC06

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You are buying ONE (1) pretty, All Natural GEM CITRINE Point Polished and Faceted Stone that is from the lot pictured. These are gorgeous and small, clear translucent gemstones. So sparkley and pretty! Nice for medicine bags, jewelry and crafts. Please note the measurements to determine if these are the right size for you.

Size: Small = Approx .50" - 1.0" Height - The shorter ones are fatter, the taller ones are skinnier.
Weight: Approx 3 - 4.9 gm each
Color: Golden yellow, translucent to slight smoky
Shape: 6 sided generator point with slight beveled edges, sharp faceted point

I am so excited to find these, as all natural CITRINE is quite rare and hard to find in an affordable yet high quality stone. These beauties are 100% all natural and have NOT been heat treated.

This is a stunning, all natural, "gemmy" Citrine Crystal that sparkles with a crystalline clarity! The color is a light to medium translucent gold to a slight smoky color. Some of them have crystalline structures inside or crystal threads and a few subtle phantoms. Since they are all natural, these individual differences make them even more special.Please remember that monitor settings differ so depending on the monitor and light source you hold it up to, the color can differ slightly.

This "Jewel-Shaped" piece is PERFECT for jewelry work as it has that finished, faceted jewel look. You could also use this in a medicine bag, as a tiny display piece, as part of a healing grid, or as a "cure" for Feng Shui in the Wealth & Prosperity section. However you choose to use it, this lovely point will give you years of use and an uplifting feeling.

Citrine is well known for bringing wealth, health and prosperity so it can be used everyday for multiple physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my healing practice, I use Citrine as one of the Essential Eleven stones on a daily basis, primarily for abundance, success, and overall positive energy. It is one of the premier stones when one must energize, heal and recharge on any level. Emotionally and physically it has an immediate and powerful effect to uplift and bring light into the aura. It is frequently used in Feng Shui (wealth corner), in the meditation space (on altar) and at place of business (in safe, cash register or cash box). It never needs cleansing and can operate entirely by itself without any other crystal to complement it.

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